The Trendiest Greige Paint Colors For Your Bathroom Vanity

If you have been looking to remodel your bathroom but found yourself unable to decide on just one color, greige could be the perfect solution to your dilemma. A mix of gray and beige, greige is the perfect way to bridge the gap between a bathroom that reads overly warm and one that can come across as a little cool (though you can get both warm-toned and cool-toned greige shades). Taupe is also sometimes classified as greige. Painting your bathroom vanity greige will give it extra depth and dimension without limiting the color palette for your overall bathroom. 

Plus, painting your vanity a neutral color that has a bit more of a kick to it than the usual creams and whites can help make your bathroom more visually appealing. If you like the idea of greige but feel overwhelmed by all the choices, we've picked out the chicest relaxing greige paint colors that will turn your bathroom into a calm oasis you'll love to spend time in.

Lend your vanity an elegant, timeless look with the following greige shades

The first greige shade to elevate your bathroom vanity is "Agreeable Gray" by Sherwin-Williams. This warm-toned shade will bring a soft ambiance to your bathroom, just what you need when you're looking to relax in the bath or shower after a long day. As for which colors to pair it with, this paint shade would look gorgeous with white walls — though we recommend choosing a white hue that leans warm rather than cool to retain the welcoming ambiance of "Agreeable Gray." Depending on whether you opt for warm or cool lighting in your bathroom, you may find this color leans a little more gray than beige. You might have to test several bulbs to see what you prefer.

If you want a greige shade that's fully on the warm side with no room for interpretation, "Mega Greige," also from Sherwin-Williams, is a perfect pick. Designed to appear warm in all types of lighting, it definitely has more beige than gray undertones. We recommend pairing it with green-inspired accessories like towels or even painting the walls of your bathroom a soft forest green shade if you don't mind going a little bolder. 

Greige can be made to work in your bathroom whatever the lighting situation is

If you prefer a greige with more gray than beige, "Silver Drop" by Behr has got you covered. However, depending on how your bathroom is lit, this color could come across as fully gray. We recommend sampling it in an area close to your vanity to get a proper picture. Greige can be a warm color, but if you choose a darker shade for a small bathroom, it might not come out how you want it to. In this case, paint your bathroom walls a crisp white shade to give the illusion of light. This is especially key if your bathroom doesn't get much natural light.

Greige is considered a neutral color, which means you can branch out with color elsewhere. Whether it's pops of red, green, or blue, the one thing to remember is that you should match the undertones of the color to the undertones of your chosen greige paint to avoid clashing. By picking any of the above greige shades, your bathroom will be on-trend but with an appeal that never goes out of style.