Nate Berkus Loves This Genius Bedding Hack To Put On A Duvet Cover

Everyone makes their bed differently, but there's no denying that the important task can sometimes seem like it's more trouble than it's worth. There isn't necessarily a right way to make your bed, but if you haven't found "your way" yet, the following method could be the one for you. Called the "sushi roll" method by Nate Berkus, this bed-making hack is also referred to as the "burrito method" due to its resemblance to a burrito. It involves rolling your bedding into a burrito-esque shape to make the overall process easier. While Berkus didn't create this method, he did post a helpful tutorial via Instagram for viewers to follow along with. 

The HGTV star has previously given out tips on how to make your bed look showroom-beautiful, and his tips on using the "sushi roll" method are no less helpful. If you want to spend less time huffing and puffing and more time resting in your newly-made bed, simply follow these steps to unlock a new way to get your bed ready for sleeping in no time.

This method could work for you if you can never quite figure out the right steps

The first step is to turn your duvet inside out. Next, take the duvet and put it directly on top of the cover so it lies flat. This is where things get a little tricky. Beginning with the side closer to you, roll the cover and duvet together until you have a fully-rolled bundle of bedding in front of you. Peel apart the opening of the duvet and pull the sides over the "sushi roll" mound that your duvet and cover are in. Then, button the duvet cover so the roll is covered. Once you're done, unroll everything to (hopefully) reveal a made bed. 

If this all sounds a bit confusing, Berkus' tutorial above will help you to make more sense of this method. This is an ingenious solution if other duvet-making methods haven't worked, and would be especially helpful if you don't have another person to help you carry out the task. However, it won't work for all. If you have a thicker duvet, it might not roll up as easily into the "sushi roll" shape that's so pivotal to this method. Plus, if you even just get one step wrong, your bedding will probably end up in a tangled heap. For this reason, we only recommend this hack if you have thinner bedding like the type Berkus demonstrates with.