Organize Kitchen Necessities With This Brilliant Budget-Friendly DIY

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Would you like to spend more time cooking meals instead of rummaging through your cabinets for your cooking tools? It's great to keep kitchen essentials on your countertop instead of the cabinets so they are close at hand when you need them. But, your counter can become cluttered if you don't have something to store your kitchen items in. A kitchen countertop organizer is a great way to keep kitchen tools nearby while keeping your kitchen counter looking neat.

If you need something to hold your kitchen essentials, consider making the cute kitchen necessities organizer shown on TikTok by @hometalk. In total, it costs about $25 to make and can hold quite a few kitchen items to banish unsightly kitchen utensil clutter. This organizer is great for your countertop. It's both beautiful and functional. It's also ideal if you love to cook up a storm. You can easily store all of your culinary go-tos within easy reach.

How to make the viral DIY kitchen organizer

To make this organizer, first, you'll want to purchase a basic lazy Susan. You can get these on Amazon for $17. You might also find these at HomeGoods or a thrift store. Next, head to Dollar Tree and pick up two bamboo cutting boards. These are $1.25 each. Also at Dollar Tree are glass canning jars. Grab four of these, as well. The last item you will need at Dollar Tree is garden nautical rope. You can get a 9.5-foot piece of this for $1.25. You will also need some super glue, which you might already have in your garage.

Now, it's time to get started on the DIY organizer. Glue the long edges of the two cutting boards together. Use the super glue to attach the mason jars to the cutting boards. Attach one jar to each side of the cutting boards. Glue the bottom edge of the cutting board to the lazy Susan. Starting at the bottom of the jars, wrap the rope entirely around them until it reaches the top of the jars. That's it, you're all finished!

You could also purchase a kitchen organizer

If you are not up for doing a DIY, then you can buy a kitchen organizer for your countertop. So, how do these compare to the TikTok DIY? Store-bought organizers tend to be a lot more expensive. An expandable countertop organizer from West Elm is $38. Plus, you'd have to buy the basket to go underneath the shelf. Unlike the TikTok DIY from @hometalk, it could be better for organizing kitchen utensils.

West Elm has a lazy Susan organizer with compartments. It's actually part of the West Elm's kid's section and technically not for the kitchen. However, with its convenient storage sections and modern design, this caddy would be great for kitchen storage. Like the TikTok version, this organizer spins for easy access. One drawback is that this organizer is $39, which is quite a bit higher than the cost of DIYing the organizer from TikTok.