Breathe New Life Into Your Dirty Area Rug With Pinterest's Easy Cleaning Tip

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One of the most satisfying ways to ring in the spring season is a thorough house cleaning, especially once it's done. Throw open the windows, shake out the dust, and scour away the grime that has accumulated over the winter. Area rugs take a particular beating during the cold months. While they protect the floors beneath them, they become a repository for dirt that can be hard to get rid of. Even if your area rug isn't visibly disgusting, it's likely that you should be cleaning your rugs more often because the dust particles trapped in your rugs and carpets can be a health hazard.

Having your rugs professionally cleaned can set you back a hefty chunk of change. Plus, professional cleaners often depend on chemicals that bring their own risks. This green cleaning tip from Pinterest freshens up even the dingiest rugs in a safe, inexpensive way with just a few multi-use tools. With three items and less than an hour, brighten up a filthy area rug, clean your home's air, and create a pleasant place to set bare feet in no time. What you'll need for this quick cleanup project is a bottle of oxygen cleaning spray, a steam cleaner, and several microfiber steam cleaner pads.

Gather your supplies

If you don't already have the tools handy, source materials that will get the most mileage for your dollars. Steer clear of the temptation for affordable steam cleaners that give lukewarm results. Often accompanying the low price is a short lifespan that damages both your pocketbook and the planet. Look closely at customer reviews for an idea of whether the steam cleaner will stand the test of time. A highly-rated steamer like the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner will last years, and there are scores of things you never knew you could clean with a good one!

OxiClean spray is ideal for busy families, but diluted cleaning products like these have you paying for water, packaging, and the environmental costs of long-distance shipping for what comes out of a tap. Armed with a refillable aluminum spray bottle, eco-friendly powdered oxygen cleaner, and water, concoct a low-waste mixture for a fraction of the cost. Fill a 20-ounce reusable spray bottle with ¼ cup of oxygen bleach powder and 16 ounces of water. Shake well to mix; you may need to let the powder dissolve for a few minutes before shaking the mixture. For an even cheaper option, try this substitute for OxiClean here that has washing soda as a base.

How to clean your area rug with a steam cleaner

Begin by vacuuming or shaking out the rug to get rid of excess dirt. Place the rug on a surface that won't be damaged by moisture or the cleaning mixture. A tile floor or clean deck surface is a great choice. Unless you live in a dry region, you may want to drape your rug over a deck railing or other structure as you clean it. This will quicken drying time, and it also prevents you from having to bend as much while you clean.

Using OxiClean spray or your DIY cleaning mixture, spray the rug's surface well, and pass the steamer head over the rug. Repeat this several times until you get the desired results. It's wise to have several microfiber cloth pads on hand to change out during the process. For especially dirty carpets, spray the surfaces and let the chemicals act overnight.  In the morning, after a few rounds of steaming, a brighter, cleaner rug awaits you!