Essential Milwaukee Tools You Need To Add To Your Toolbox

Milwaukee is a recognized tool brand that is noted for its robust line of tools. You'll find everything you need here, from very specialized tools for hobbies and projects to tool kits that make it super easy to purchase your first set of tools. With 100 years of experience in the tool industry and a strong reputation for providing innovative tools and solutions, it's hard to go wrong when buying Milwaukee tools. The company's tools are meant for problem-solving and time savings, and while they are often some of the most sought-after commercial tools, they also are a solid option for homeowners. These tools are durable and known to perform reliably. Even as indoor and outdoor power tools get an upgrade, chances are good this brand will remain at the top of the must-have lists. 

Let's assume you need to establish a new toolbox, for your home or perhaps as a gift to a new homeowner, or you just want to fill out your existing tools with some nifty new options. As a homeowner, a well-stocked toolbox is a necessity. It should give you everything you need to handle basic home repairs and updates without having to head to the store. With so many options available, what do you actually need, and what should you purchase? Take a look at some of the best Milwaukee tools out there based on what consumers using them have to say and how well they sell.

M18™ Cordless LITHIUM-ION 4-Tool Combo Kit

A good starting point is with the M18™ Cordless LITHIUM-ION 4-Tool Combo Kit, which is actually a set of four tools that most homeowners need. It features the company's RED LITHIUM M18 system, which provides ample power and performance in a battery pack that lasts. The tool set includes a hammer drill/driver, a reciprocating saw, a hex impact driver, and a work light, along with the necessary batteries and charger. It even comes in a handy bag to store it all in. You can find it priced around $450.

Each tool is pretty effective, and many offer upgraded features. For example, the one-handed reciprocating saw has an anti-vibration system that helps to make it easy to use in one hand while holding a board in another. The hammer drill/driver is highly reliable, with 550 inch-pounds of peak torque, which is perfect for tightening screws or loosening bolts. The light that's included folds up when you don't need it but also stands straight to provide impressive light for under the cabinets or in the basement when the power goes out. 

Each of these tools is one of the company's reliable products, meaning they tend to be solid for most types of home renovations and repair tasks. Consumers appreciate the power and performance of these tools, even though they are lightweight and have a long battery life on them. Many consumers note that they have lasted years with solid reliability.

M12 FUEL™ Orbital Detail Sander

There's always a need to renovate and upgrade around the home, and when that project involves sanding, the 12 FUEL Orbital Detail Sander is one tool you'll appreciate having in your toolbox. It allows you to get into the grooves on hand railings or around special cuts with pretty good precision. It also has a barrel grip that makes it easy to hold even for longer tasks. The position of the sanding pad compared to the handle makes it very easy to control this tool, allowing you to move pretty freely across the surface, around edges, and even up high without straining.

The Orbital Detail Sander from Milwaukee features the company's POWERSTATE Brushless Motor and REDLINK PLUS. These technologies are designed to provide a higher level of power and finesse to allow for the removal of paint, stain, and wood finishes up to twice as fast as a traditional hand sanding tool. While it packs a lot of performance, it is still lightweight, weighing in at 1.3 pounds.

Another nice feature is that it has four-speed setting options with a lock-on button. This allows you to hit the speed level necessary for the level of control and performance you need and move across the surface of most types of materials. It also comes with a five-year limited power tool warranty. You can find it priced at around $128.

M12 FUEL Extended Reach Ratchet

For those who need to tighten up a bracket on a lawnmower or change the oil on a car, the M12 FUEL 3/8 inch Extended Reach Ratchet is a must for the toolbox. The company states that this is one of their best-in-class products from their battery-powered lineup of ratchets, and consumers seem to agree. They perform well with good torque output without requiring a lot of twisting and turning on your part. A nice feature that really makes the difference in hard-to-reach projects is the extended next but slim head of this tool. That makes it possible to get into tight areas while still being able to easily move the tool around.

The Extended Reach Ratchet also features the company's POWERSTATE Brushless Motor, which is noted for its durability and ongoing performance. It's durable enough to handle most types of jobs, even old fasteners that haven't been moved in some time. As a pneumatic ratchet with up to 40 foot-pounds of max torque, it can handle just about all of the tasks needed at the ⅜-inch size. When your grass is tall, and the mower won't start, this tool is perfect for getting that spark plug out of the lawn mower fast.

Customers appreciate the electric power of the system, the extension (which protects your knuckles from tight spots), and the long battery life. It is effective enough to drive bolts in quickly, too. Expect to pay around $250 for this tool.

SHOCKWAVE Impact-Duty 1/2 in. Drive Metric and SAE Deep Well Impact PACKOUT Socket Set

Every homeowner needs to have access to a socket set that offers the specific sizes and features of most devices around the home. Socket sets are necessary for tasks like tightening chair or table legs, putting a bedframe together, or tightening the brackets on a swing set. The SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty solution from Milwaukee is a robust solution for several reasons. First, this 31-piece socket set gives you just about any size you need. Unlike inferior products, it is also very strong, which means it can take a high level of torque without snapping or slipping out of place.

Also notable is the non-slip hex design of the sockets, which helps to create a stronger hold leading to a better overall grip. In reality, that means you can move through your project faster with less frustration. It's all stored in a neat packout box. As with other Milwaukee toolboxes, they are noted for their easy use and overall durable exterior. They make taking your sockets anywhere easy enough to do.

Consumers have rated this socket set as one of the best out there, worth the higher cost of around $170. The markings are clear and easy to see in the clear packout container. Consumers also note that the socket set has the necessary sizes for most needs, no wobble, and a well-made design.

5 PC 1000V Insulated Hand Tool Set

What about actual hand tools that are the go-to option for smaller tasks around the home? A simple way to get everything into your toolbox at once is to pick up the 5-piece 1000V Insulated Hand Tool Set. It features pliers, wire cutters, a slip-tip screwdriver, and a Philips screwdriver. Each of these tools features insulated handles to keep them comfortable as you work inside or outside of the home.

The cutting pliers have a nice fit that makes cutting easy, even when you need to make exacting, flush cuts. The slim-tip screwdriver is also highly effective since it can get into most tight spaces with ease. These tools come with Milwaukee's Limited Lifetime Warranty, too. The sharp, durable cutting surfaces can handle most materials, even rusty pieces of metal. For those who do a lot of metal cutting, electrical wiring (like installing light fixtures), or outside tasks that require a comfortable tool in hand, this set is a simple, solid choice. You can find it priced around $100.