This Dollar Tree Must-Have Will Keep Your Jeans Neat And Organized In The Closet

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Figuring out the best way to organize your closet isn't easy. Clothing, accessories, and shoes easily pile up over time, creating a messy space. As a result, plenty of people turn to items like stick-on closet hooks, shoe organizers, and additional shelving to keep their closets neat and tidy. These solutions can be highly effective, but some items are trickier to keep organized. Jeans, for example, take up a lot of space because they are long, bulky, and made of a thick material. Fortunately, plastic baskets from Dollar Tree provide an ingeniously simple solution to this problem.

Rather than placing your jeans on hangers and allowing them to take up space on your clothes rack, or folding them and storing them in drawers, you can fold them neatly and stack them in these baskets for effortlessly stylish storage. You can even purchase multiple baskets to organize your entire collection of jeans and other pants. After folding your jeans and organizing them within the baskets by color or style, simply place them on the top rack of your closet for easy access. Likewise, if you have lower shelves that are easier to reach, you can set them there instead.

How to use plastic baskets to organize your jeans

You have a couple of different options for plastic baskets to organize your jeans. Dollar Tree's Colorful Plastic Oval Carry Totes come in a variety of colors and are only $1.25 each. The store also sells their Essentials Rectangular Plastic-Weave Baskets with Handles, also retailing at $1.25 a piece, which are a bit more similar to the baskets thatTikToker uses in their demonstration video (see the above screenshot). Either way, you should be able to easily set whichever type of basket you choose next to each other on a shelf with the bottom side facing down.

Once you have placed them inside these baskets, you should be left with quite a bit of additional closet space. This is a great solution for those with small closets who are looking to free up some room for more clothes. Also, keep in mind that you can use these baskets to store nearly any other clothing item. You might choose to stack shirts, shorts, pajamas, or even underwear using this method. Bulky items like coats and jackets may not work as well, but with all of the free closet space you'll have after using these baskets, you should have plenty of room to hang those larger pieces up on your clothing rack.

Enhance this organization method even further

There are plenty of different ways you can enhance this organization method. For instance, shelf dividers could help you separate your jeans into groups. You can slide them into your basket one by one and stack pairs between each divider. If you have five pairs of light-wash jeans, for example, you might choose to group them into their own stack and place them in between two dividers. Of course, first, you will need to take measurements of your basket and the shelf dividers you select to ensure they are compatible. 

If you can find dividers that are slightly narrower than your baskets, you should be able to slide them inside without issue. Amazon is a great place to search for the right shelf dividers for your baskets. They sell a two-pack of clear acrylic shelf dividers for $7.99. These are 11 by 8 inches, according to the product description. The site also has smaller 6 by 4-inch dividers that cost $5.84 a pack. These are just a couple of the options available, so feel free to continue searching until you track down the exact size you need.