DIY Your Own Apothecary Jars For Beautiful Storage Around The House

Well-organized and beautiful storage is one of the best ways to keep your home clutter-free. This is particularly true when it comes to small bits and bobs that are essential, but often are less than glamorous to look at. While retailers sell a variety of attractive jars, boxes, and other kinds of containers to organize small objects, they can often be pricey, including stylish apothecary jars, which are a great vintage-inspired trend for storage and display. TikTok user @dakorbox recently showed off a cute and easy-to-master technique for making apothecary jar-style containers from some simple and inexpensive Dollar Tree items. Even better, they're a gorgeous aesthetic addition to her bathroom where they can be used to hold all sorts of small things like swabs, cotton balls, makeup remover pads, and more. 

To create this DIY apothecary jar, you will need one glass taper candle holder and one jar (@dakorbox uses adorable square jars with metal lids, but other round jars and containers will also work for this DIY). You will also need a glue gun, decorative pearls, and small knobs or glass marbles to serve as handles for the lid.

Creating DIY apothecary jars

To create your apothecary jar, begin by painting your candle holders the desired shade. @dakorstyle chooses gold spray paint, but they would also look amazing with a silver, ivory, or matte black finish. You can also leave them clear for a full-glass look. After they're dry, use a glue gun to attach the base of the jars to the candle holders firmly all around the perimeter and press in place until it's mostly dry. Attach the handles to the top with some more hot glue. Wait a few hours for the glue to dry completely before adding contents to the jar. 

Customize your jars to fit your decor style. @dakorstyle uses small adhesive pearls to add a decorative accent around the base of her jars, but you can use beads, trim, crystals, or buttons. For a nature-inspired rustic feel, add some texture by wrapping the jars fully or partially with jute twine. For a simple old-apothecary look, add vintage-style labels detailing their contents. You can also add milk paint to the inside of the jar or decoupage the outside if you would like to conceal the contents. Use a paint treatment to add color to your jars for some additional faux-vintage flair.

Using and styling DIY apothecary jars

To use your jars, add all those tiny little essentials that you never seem to have space for. While they work amazingly in a bathroom, they can also be useful placed in a home office for storage holding items like paperclips and rubber bands, or in the kitchen for corralling matches, toothpicks, and other tiny items. Or use them as stylish votive holders on your next tablescape, where they make a great raised accent that adds height at different levels.

Use containers of various sizes, including jars, glass votive holders, and tumblers, to create a variety of shapes and sizes that will look perfect placed together in a group on a tray or other surface. With a nod to old-world style and antique apothecaries, these jars fit well within a number of design schemes, including modern farmhouse, cottage, and boho-style spaces. They are also a perfect addition to whimsigothic décor or homes with an apothecary aesthetic.