Use A Wine Rack As A Clever Storage Hack In Your Kitchen

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When it comes to maximizing your kitchen storage, you may have to think outside the box. There are plenty of hacks that add kitchen storage for all the items we accumulate in our homes, including pull-out spice racks, floating shelves on the walls, and using magnetic strips for larger utensils. If you have a wine rack sitting on your counter, you may want to channel these hacks and consider using it for something other than wine. You can use a wine rack for craft storage, to display plants, or to store items like paper towels. One TikTok user did just that, showing viewers how she repurposed a wooden wine rack to hold kitchen essentials like cooking spray and olive oil.

A small slice of this user's counter was going unused, so instead of keeping it empty, she upcycled a used wine rack and stored it there. She then added her cooking must-haves to the racks rather than wine. If you love the idea of putting a wine rack to use in other ways, here's how to make it work for your kitchen.

Ideas for using a wine rack in your home

To copy the TikTok hack, you simply need to find an accordion-style wine rack and place it in an unused spot in your kitchen. These are relatively inexpensive and can be found on Amazon for $11.99 or Walmart for $12.99. If you want to take the hack a bit further, DIY a wine rack that looks similar or fits the vibe and space of your kitchen. The accordion style limits you, though, as it takes up a good amount of usable space on top of your kitchen counter and may tailor to specific decor styles, leaning more towards farmhouse than modern. 

Thinking outside the box, you can also use a wine rack to organize water bottles or hold larger-sized oils and jars. With these items, consider using a stackable wine rack, like the Amazon Basics wine rack from Amazon for under $20 or the MAGNETISK 12-bottle wine rack in solid wood from IKEA for $29.00, both of which offer more flexibility with size and space. If you want a more modern style, the 11-Bottle Graphite Wine Rack from Crate & Barrel for $49.95 gives a similar vibe while offering a much more contemporary look, while the Square Brass Wine Rack from West Elm for $90.00 is great for a glam kitchen.