The One Place In Your Bathroom You Aren't Tiling But Should Be

Are you looking for a creative way to add interest to your shower or entire bathroom? Tile can always help make the space appear more chic and aesthetically pleasing, but have you ever thought of adding stylish tile to the ceiling? The tiled ceiling look will look extra eye-catching if you have a barrel ceiling. "Showers are taking shape with tiled barrel ceilings ... Whether rounded or flat, tiled ceilings are unexpected yet well-received ... Mosaic tile is the best way to fit the curvature of an arched ceiling," Ashley Biscan, a Floor & Decor interior design and trend expert, told Martha Stewart.

If this interior design insight is making you want to invest in a barrel ceiling for your bathroom, keep in mind that getting the feature will likely cost between $5,000 and $10,200, so check your budget and see if that attractive update would be practical and worth it. Still, remember that even if you have a more traditional ceiling, this unique bathroom tile design will add exciting flair to the space.

Check out these tile choices

Whether or not you have a barreled ceiling, there are many bathroom tiles you should know about if you're thinking about investing in a tiled ceiling. One ultra-elegant ceiling tile option is the highly-rated Ceilume Stratford White Feather-Light 2 feet by 2 feet Lay-in Ceiling Panel, selling for around $1.50 per square foot at Home Depot. The tiles are lightweight yet reliable, and customers love their appearance, noting that they are worth the price.

An also elegant but more detailed option is the Genesis Waterproof Designer Series 23.75-inch by 23.75-inch Textured Vinyl Drop-In Ceiling Tile, selling for just under $3 per square foot at Wayfair, and the textured, extravagant pattern will be sure to catch any guest's eyes. Not only do reviewers enjoy the luxurious look, but many consumers also shared that these tiles were convenient to install.

Or, are you interested in a mosaic look? Consider applying the Festival Multi Gray Polished Porcelain Penny Mosaic to your bathroom barrel ceiling. Available for just above $4.50 per piece at Floor & Decor, these will add fun vibes to your bathroom.