Genius TikTok DIYs That'll Turn Your Backyard Into An Entertainment Paradise

A well-maintained backyard adds potential space for relaxing and entertaining. If yours is overgrown, sparse, or feels unusable, you're losing out on a lovely spot to host. Summer barbecues, morning coffee dates, sunny day picnics, and even outdoor movie nights are all possible with the right backyard setup. Renovating and furnishing an outdoor space can be expensive, but you can handle some projects on your own to save costs. We've rounded up DIY ideas that can update your outdoor space on a budget to make it more suitable for entertaining.

A backyard is an extension of your living space, so even if you don't host often, it's well worth having a spot to spend time outdoors and enjoy warmer weather. This article doesn't include landscaping ideas or flower bed designs; you'll want to start the following DIY projects with your yard already landscaped. Instead, we've rounded up items you can easily put together to enhance your backyard space. These backyard projects are suitable for yards big and small, and are all possible for the average DIYer to make with minimal tools. Turn your outdoor space into the best entertainment spot on the block with these DIY projects.

Set up an outdoor movie theater

Whether for a date night or a family-friendly activity, an outdoor movie theater setup is always a great idea. A screen and an outdoor projector is all you need, and @stylecuratorau explains some ideas to make your own screen. A white bed sheet strung on a wall is the easiest option. Even better is to build your own projector screen by putting together a PVC pipe frame and then covering it with white fabric. Choose an opaque fabric for the best viewing experience and make sure it sits flat around the frame.

Install a DIY patio canopy

When you're designing your perfect patio, a shade canopy is one of the best items you can add to make it comfortable in the summer. Building a patio canopy sounds like a big project, but @kenzieemac shows it's possible for almost anyone to complete. This DIY uses fast setting concrete ($5.98 from The Home Depot) to set wood posts in place. You'll need to make sure the base can support the posts. One base option is to set the posts in wide planters. Or, use concrete to set the posts into a hole in the ground.

Make some weighted posts to hang patio lights

This DIY project from @caranewhart follows a similar process as the previous DIY, using fast-setting concrete and some long closet rods to make patio light stands. Sturdy closet rods are a suitable pick for this DIY since outdoor string lights don't need as much support as a shade canopy. However, you can opt for wood posts if you prefer the look and want the sturdiest option. This is another project that can be set in a planter or directly into the ground, depending on how permanent you want your setup to be.

Or craft your own outdoor umbrella stand

A planter and fast-setting concrete is also the base for the project from @gooseandfinn, which shows an easy way to make a DIY umbrella stand using PVC piping set in place in the middle of the planter. There's nothing wrong with using concrete for the whole project, but it will make the base very heavy — possibly even unmovable if the planter is large enough. To lighten up the holder, use an expanding foam setting product to fill the bulk of the planter. A good choice is Sika PostFix Fence Post Mix ($16.78 from The Home Depot).

Make your own backyard putting green

A backyard putting green is fun for golfers of all ages. This DIY version from @designsbymckay is easy and affordable to build. Make a decorative stone border to line the putting area; it makes it look nicer and helps keep the golf balls contained. A product like the Landecor Edgestone River Rock Edging ($48.38) has an overlapping design, so there's no gaps for balls to slip through. Outdoor LED strip lights are the perfect finishing touch. Choose a waterproof option, like the Govee Outdoor LED Strip Lights, to ensure the lighting is safe even on rainy days.

Craft your own DIY concrete side table

A seating area is a must-have patio feature, and where you have seats, you'll want some side tables. This DIY concrete side table is suitable to keep outdoors year-round and it looks chic too. To make the table, this project uses two different-sized building form tubes; this means the table is hollow inside, so it's not too heavy to move around. Fast setting concrete (like Sakrete Fast Set Concrete Mix for $6.86 from The Home Depot) is the right pick for this DIY.

Create a calming swing bed

This swing DIY from @rosemaebehan is like an upgraded adult version of a backyard swing from your childhood. It's built similarly to a tree swing, made by stringing a rope over a sturdy branch and then attaching it to a piece of wood. Except instead of using a typical plank, this one uses a wooden pallet. The pallet provides a lot more seating area so you can share the swing with a partner or friend. Cover it with an outdoor blanket and add some cushions to make it more comfortable and look elegant. 

Make your own affordable patio lights

Pendant lights look beautiful, but they can come with a hefty price tag. If you don't have electrical wiring to your patio, installing pendant lighting will cost even more since you'll need to hire an electrician. This easy DIY project from @ninaanngelina eliminates both problems. It uses decorative baskets to create the pendant light shade and a puck light for the lighting source. Use remote-controlled puck lights, like the EverBrite Puck Lights for $23.99 on Amazon, for easier control.

Put together an outdoor coffee table using wood crates

Create a rustic outdoor table with just a few wooden crates. Whether it's old crates or new ones, you can make this table without any tools. Heavy-duty adhesive, like No More Nails ($19.62 from Amazon) is enough to hold this table together, though you can use screws or nails for a sturdier table. Add some feet to lift it off the floor. You can stop there and leave the tabletop as-is for a rustic appearance, or you can decorate it further, and even tile it by following this DIY from @iamhayleystuart.

Construct a fire pit for nighttime gatherings

A fire pit is an outdoor entertaining essential if you like to have guests over at night. You need a flat section of the lawn with enough space for a fire pit and a seating area around it. This video from @fixthisbuildthat shows the process from start to finish. The easiest way to complete this project is with a fire pit kit, like the Oldcastle Sandhill Concrete Fire Pit Kit, which you can grab for $575 from Lowe's. It comes with the necessary pieces to make a backyard fire pit.

A fire bowl is a pretty alternative for small backyards

Don't have the space for a fire pit? A fire bowl can bring that glowing ambiance to a table top instead. Start with a suitable planter that is heat resistant, such as a concrete planter. No plastic planters! Add a table tiki torch into the middle of the planter and decorate it as you'd like (with heat resistant materials, of course, like decorative rocks). Since you'll be able to see the sides of the tiki torch inside, choose a decorative option, like the TIKI Brand Glass Tie Dye Outdoor Torch for $21.84 from Amazon.

Add turf to a deck for a faux backyard entertaining space

If you don't have a grassy yard space, you can make your own out of a deck area. It's doesn't feel the same as a lawn, but it provides kids or pets a lovely spot to play. Choose your turf by-the-foot from a store like Lowe's or The Home Depot. If you'd prefer, you can grab an artificial grass rug, like the TrafficMaster Emerald Green Precut Artificial Grass Rug for $24.98. The turf doesn't have to be a permanent feature on your deck either, and if you decide not to anchor it down, you can put it away for the colder seasons.

Convert an unused shed into an outdoor bar

With a few additions, a nice outdoor shed can turn into a quaint gathering area for drinks. Make sure your shed is in good condition before starting this DIY. Then, you can add furniture like a bar table and stools, a cozy outdoor lounge, and a makeshift bar counter to transform the space. For the latter, options include a portable pop up bar, like the Best Choice Products Portable Pop-Up Bar for $64.99 on Amazon, or a movable kitchen island like the Tornviken Kitchen Island for $399.99 from IKEA.

Craft an outdoor ottoman from a cheap styrofoam cooler

An affordable styrofoam cooler makes the perfect base for this DIY project. You can grab one for just $5.84 from Walmart. Use a section of foam to pad the top and then attach sections of your fabric of choice to the cooler with a hot glue gun. If you'd like, you can continue to store drinks in this DIY too — just don't line the inside with fabric. It's not exactly built for longevity, so you might not want to leave it outside all the time, but the finished ottoman is lightweight and easy to move around.

A DIY patio pond is an easy-to-make water feature

The trickle of a water feature is so calming when you're relaxing in the backyard. This DIY from @onceuponabungalow is one of the easiest ways to install one of your own — without needing an outdoor water source. It starts with a planter, filled with water. You can add real aquatic plants or faux greenery to decorate your project. To move the water around, add a bird bath fountain. Choose one that's solar powered and with built-in lights to make the area look all the more pleasant into the evening. The Alukiki Solar Powered Fountain costs $32.99 and meets these criteria.

Make a straw pendant light on the cheap

Trendy pendant lights rarely come cheap. You can make your own with a cheap beach straw hat from a costume shop, like this one for $3.50 from Party City. The hat needs to have unfinished edges so you can unravel some of the straw weave. Unravel the weave to your preference (remember you can always unravel a little further, but you can re-weave the hat!). A little trim when you're finished makes the straw fringe look neater. Use an LED puck light for inside the light; it will stay nice and cool and won't require any outdoor wiring.

Install outdoor hooks for hanging decor

Decorative hooks are a useful addition to your outdoor space. Not only do they look nice, but they also provide a spot for you to hang decorations (like DIY garden ornaments). You can use any outdoor-friendly hooks and install them to a fence or exterior wall. It's possible to use indoor hooks too, just make sure to waterproof them with a product like the Thompson's WaterSeal Stain ($6.98). Screwing the hook into the surface is ideal, but if that's not an option, use weather resistant heavy duty mounting tape, like Scotch-Mount Double Sided Mounting Tape ($17.24).

Use Hoft fencing to create a privacy wall

Hoft fence kits offer an easy way to add a privacy wall to a patio. They're essentially fence posts that you can slide wooden slots in. You can grab them from The Home Depot, and there are a few different options to create full fences, as well as shorter patio private walls, with post kits and end posts. You choose the wood, which means you have flexibility in the wood type and finish. This fencing system makes it easier to DIY that privacy wall you've always wanted.

Put together a makeshift picnic table for special gatherings

Put together this makeshift picnic table to create an elevated picnic experience. When it's nicely decorated, like in this video from @catherineekelly, the finished result looks luxuriously rustic. It just involves taking a few wooden crates then adding a folding table on top (with the legs folded in). This low table DIY is suitable for when you need a dining table in a pinch. The table top isn't attached to the crates below, so you'll need to be careful to avoid knocking over the table.

DIY a more permanent low picnic table

If you want a more permanent outdoor table, you can make one yourself with a couple of IKEA finds. This DIY from @tastemadehome uses the SNIDAD basket ($29.99) as a base, with the handles removed so it can sit flat on the ground. Place an IKEA tabletop (like the LINNMON tabletop, $19.99) over top and you have an easy two-piece picnic table. Just keep in mind that these pieces aren't waterproof, so you'll want to protect them from the weather. For a sturdier finish, you can use a pipe strap (like the Oatey Pipe Hanger Strap, $4.52) to attach the tabletop to the basket base.

Make your own outdoor bench

You don't need woodworking or metalworking know-how to make this outdoor wooden bench project from @hometalk. For its base, this DIY uses cored concrete blocks, which you can grab for $2.67 each from The Home Depot. This project involves stacking the blocks strategically, securing them together with a construction adhesive, like Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive, which will run you $9.98. The finished project is a frame for an outdoor bench, which you can slide wood planks into to complete your new seating spot.

An outdoor chalkboard is easy to make and multi-purpose

This outdoor chalkboard idea is probably more useful than you might initially assume. Of course, you can use it to entertain kids and get them outside, but it's also great for outdoor events. Draw on a welcome sign, drinks menu, seating chart, or anything else you'd like before your next outdoor party. This DIY from @homaininterior uses wood posts to create a frame. Wood panels painted with chalkboard paint make a cheaper chalkboard than buying one pre-made. To get the chalkboard finish, a product like the Rust-Oleum Specialty Black Chalkboard Paint costs $16.98 and will work nicely.