The Mop Bucket Cleaning Hack That Puts An End To Heavy Lifting

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Staying on top of mopping to keep your floors looking clean can be exhausting. Not only is doing the chore itself a lot of work but carrying the mop bucket around is a pain. Once it's filled with soapy water, the mop bucket can be heavy, leading to sore arms, and there's also the stress of trying to prevent water from spilling. If you're sick of those inconveniences, add caster wheels to the bottom of the bucket so you don't have to pick it up.

If you're considering this hack for your mop and bucket, check out the PlusRoc self-adhesive caster wheels, available for under $15 on Amazon. These caster wheels are made of steel, have 1-inch rims, and have been praised by many reviewers. For example, a happy customer wrote, "We adhered with the screws provided and they are just what we needed. Really like the way they move in any direction, love them!" Even if you don't buy this specific brand, caster wheels for your mop bucket are worth the investment.

Why you should act now and stop dragging that bucket

While nothing is more frustrating than spilling everything all over your floor — or even worse, yourself — as you carry your mop bucket, that traditional transporting method poses more dangerous risks than just a spill.

Of course, if you spill your mop bucket while carrying it and slip on the spilled content, you have the potential to fall and hurt yourself. Also, think about how constantly bending your back to pick the bucket off the floor and carrying the heavy item could damage your spine. According to Issuu, repetitive stress injuries, also known as RSI, from cleaning floors are the second most common cause of injuries associated with cleaning. These bone, muscle, and nerve-related injuries can lead to long-term pain, so avoid putting yourself in that position by getting your mop bucket on wheels as soon as possible.

Another way to clean your floors without lugging around a mop bucket is purchasing a mop bucket with wheels already attached. If you invest in a mop bucket already on wheels, you won't have to worry about applying wheels to the bucket yourself. For instance, check out the Quickie EZ-Glide 5-gallon bucket on wheels, available for under $25 at Walmart. Whichever way you get a mop bucket with wheels, you'll be protecting your body while cleaning your floors.