The Genius Way To Hide Your Spice Rack For A Seamless Kitchen

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Spice racks can cause a quandary in any kitchen. On one hand, you need to keep spices and other condiments close to where you're cooking. On the other hand, lots of small vials and bottles can create an immense amount of clutter that can mar a contemporary or minimalist kitchen. Design experts ODS Architecture recently showed off a great solution for spice storage on Instagram. By mounting a spice rack onto a lifting mechanism usually used for recessed televisions, they were able to build a stunning recessed space cabinet that comes down at the press of a button for easy access. 

With the contents safely hidden inside an upper cabinet behind a marble slab, this ingenious approach keeps the counters free of bottles and jars, but also allows you quick access to the contents. It's also a great way to keep jars clean, dust-free, and stored safely out of sight.

How the hidden spice rack works

The engineering of ODS Architecture's project is a marvel. Using a linear actuator similar to the one shown in this YouTube video from Progressive Automations, designers were able to mount the spice rack along slides that move up and down. This version of the automated spice rack is recessed into the bottom cabinet. The top of this spice rack doubles as a cutting board when the rack is not in use. 

Creating and installing this space rack necessitates a power source, in this case, a battery that is wired to the linear actuator that powers the mechanism that drives the rack up and down the rails, which is kept in an adjacent cabinet below. The overall effect is very sleek, modern, and space-age. This alternative to a traditional spice rack works particularly well if you already have a kitchen or planned design with an emphasis on state-of-the-art or automated appliances. 

Other ideas for hidden spice storage

While the design project above requires a bit of engineering knowledge and construction know-how, there are other approaches using a similar hidden spice cabinet concept that are much easier to implement without a professional. For a slightly more analog take on this idea, this under cabinet spice rack from Amazon folds up seamlessly, laying against the bottom of your cabinets as a simple wooden box. Another Amazon find, a pull-down spice rack, extends easily down from an existing overhead cabinet, allowing you to see the whole rack and tuck it away when not in use.

Other great approaches for sneaky spice storage include installing a shallow recess in the wall behind a sliding door, backsplash, or a piece of art that conceals the rack. You can also purchase or create a custom-built spice cabinet that slides in and out next to the stove or fridge on a track or rollers.