The 7 Best Kitchen Makeovers Fans Have Seen On Fixer To Fabulous

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Renovating your kitchen can present a range of crucial choices. Dave and Jenny Marrs from "Fixer to Fabulous" have designed countless jaw-dropping cooking spaces. They prioritize restoring and renovating old homes in their neighborhood of Bentonville, Arkansas. Of all the HGTV shows, many of us have a passion for those that focus on preserving historic homes and restoring communities. As major fans of this wholesome, heartwarming series, we've witnessed a wide range of killer kitchen makeovers.

While it's difficult to pick one top choice among Dave and Jenny's best kitchen makeovers, fellow fans have sounded off in the YouTube comments to crown their favorite episodes. From gut renovations to vintage restorations, the kitchens are stylistically varied. No matter your unique interior style, you can easily source inspiration from one (or more) of Dave and Jenny's iconic rehab projects. We've rounded up the best kitchen makeovers on "Fixer to Fabulous" -– according to the fans.

7. A clean and timeless cooking space

Because their town is relatively small, Dave and Jenny Marrs often wind up helping their close friends create their dream homes. This was the case in Season 4, Episode 7, when a familiar couple asked for the Marrses' help to ease them into life as empty-nesters. When it came to the kitchen, the original space was a galley kitchen that felt cramped and compact. Dave and Jenny set the stylistic goal of creating a space that looks clean and timeless.

They chose to knock down an entire wall and add new windows to create a roomy cooking area. Some fans thought that Dave and Jenny made a mistake by removing storage space: "Great reno except the kitchen. No upper cabinets at all?" one asked. Others agreed that they made up for it with innovative storage areas and clever nooks throughout the lower level of the home, with one commenting, "But the lack of uppers is almost made up for with the side cabinets. And it looks like the island has storage on the back side." All in all, the fans concluded that the renovation hit the mark on meeting the clients' desires, as expressed by another user: "This was AMAZING! One of the prettiest they have ever done!" If you're embarking on your own kitchen remodel, planning your cabinet layout is essential for saving time and money.

6. A bright, communal kitchen

In Season 4, Episode 15, a California couple purchased a '90s ranch-style fixer. Although the clients had done previous renovations, their past experiences had them eager to accept Dave and Jenny Marrs' help. The goal was to create a brighter, more communal space with a bigger island and an open floor plan. Dave and Jenny warned that taking out a wall would remove some storage, but the clients insisted on opening up the space.

The hosts swapped out the dated wood for an ivory color palette. A paint like Moderne White by Sherwin-Williams is a good choice for achieving a similar look. They also chose to expand the kitchen island so that the whole family can eat breakfast together. Lastly, the sink was moved from the wall to the island. While most comments were positive, one commenter wondered if kitchen sink plumbing is a good idea on an island. Other fans embraced the new floor plan and layout. "I like how they were able to give them a big pantry to compensate for the loss of all the cabinets they had to take out in the kitchen," one commented. "Love the kitchen and bathroom!" expressed another.

5. A natural retreat with character

In a memorable episode of "Fixer to Fabulous", Season 4, Episode 10, a couple purchased a beautiful, nature-filled retreat in Bella Vista. The exterior of the home was breathtaking, but the interior was filled with not-so-charming '80s details. The kitchen was closed off and dated, with orange wood cabinets and dark stone tile throughout. While the view was stunning, the kitchen didn't highlight the window or make use of the natural light.

Dave and Jenny turned the dated kitchen into an expansive space with light wood and quartz countertops. It may be brighter than the original '80s kitchen, but it has just as much character. There's even a quirky coffee bar with forest green cabinets. Dave and Jenny are big fans of green for its timeless charm, and Hunter Green by Benjamin Moore is an attractive option for fellow fans of the color. One YouTube user shared their admiration for the finished space: "The simplicity of the bathroom is gorgeous and goes well in a cabin, as does the kitchen. Love all the natural materials used. Stunning!" Another fan chimed in, "The kitchen, coffee bar, bathroom gorgeous, love those." Most viewers seemed to be in agreement about the beauty of the kitchen. While a few questioned whether so much white in the house was a good idea with kids and dogs, keep in mind that quartz countertops are one of the most stain-resistant materials on the market.

4. A small but mighty solution

In Season 4, Episode 12, a couple requested the Marrses' assistance in transforming their tiny home into a cozy bungalow. With this uniquely compact challenge, they had to be particularly clever with the use of space. The original kitchen was dark and dingy with an awkward layout. Not only were the materials and appliances dated, but there was nowhere to dine or eat in.

Dave and Jenny Marrs turned the small cooking space into an adorable galley kitchen with vintage-inspired details and plenty of counter space. The biggest risk was opting for a center island instead of a dining area. Most fans felt that the use of space was brilliant, with one commenting, "Gorgeous!! I love a smaller but really efficient house. That kitchen is to die for. It may not be 'big' but it has a ton of workspace!" However, a few viewers questioned whether the lack of dining space valued aesthetics over practicality. Choosing between an island or a proper dining space can be a difficult decision if you're working with a compact kitchen, but it comes down to personal preference.

3. An English cottage kitchen

In another renovation for a close family friend, the "Fixer to Fabulous" couple helped a first-time buyer create her dream home in Season 5, Episode 4. Her goal was to draw inspiration from English cottage style. The original kitchen was ordinary and dated, but Dave and Jenny Marrs had a unique vision for her cooking space. Not only was the kitchen less than aesthetically pleasing, but they also discovered a flooded crawl space underneath.

In addition to ripping out the floors and back wall to rectify the water damage, they painted the kitchen light yellow and added beadboard walls to capture the cottage feel. This was definitely a fan-favorite episode due to the amount of visible character. One viewer wrote, "the kitchen wow!!!!" While most fans loved the results, some people thought that the style didn't quite adhere to the English cottage aesthetic.

2. A beautiful bed & breakfast

In "Fixer to Fabulous: Welcome Inn," Dave and Jenny Marrs purchased a historic home from the 1880s and transformed it into an adorable bed and breakfast. Because the house had fallen into complete disrepair, the kitchen was nonexistent. Dave and Jenny are no stranger to historic homes, but the nature of this property presented some special challenges, like acquiring the right permits.

The finished room includes herringbone floors, a blue cooking range, and handmade mosaic tile to add character. Curated mosaics from Zia Tile are one option that could work for your remodel. What makes this renovation so impressive are the issues they conquered along the way, including finding ways to rethink their original plans for the kitchen according to strict bed and breakfast operating rules: "Congratulations for the awesome job, as usual, but I think this one was a lot harder than any of your previous ones due to all the issues during the work!" commented one viewer. Overall, fans loved this special limited series dedicated to the transformation of a bed and breakfast.

1. A Mediterranean chef's dream

In our No. 1 pick for the best kitchen renovation in "Fixer to Fabulous" history, we've highlighted Season 3, Episode 8. Dave and Jenny transformed a rundown brick house into a Mediterranean-inspired villa. The original kitchen had mismatched countertops and an awkward breakfast bar that closed off the space. It had to be completely gutted.

They chose to combine the dining room with the kitchen by creating an L-shaped cooking space. In an unexpected twist, the Marrses opted for a dining room table in place of a kitchen island. This open floor plan was a clever use of space to create a communal feel. Multiple fans were in awe of the surprising conclusion to add a dining space in place of a kitchen island: "The kitchen is beyond perfect. A table instead of an island .... wonderful!" commented one fan. This oak table from Wayfair and dining chairs from Amazon can help you achieve a similar style.

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