Choose This Color Marble If You're Aiming For A Moodier Bathroom Aesthetic

Even if your house is a haven of high design, without an aesthetically pleasing bathroom, your morning and end-of-day routines will feel devoid of enjoyment, or even rather mundane. Not to mention an attractive bathroom, especially a newly remodeled one, increases your home value by enough to pay for the cost of the renovation and get you a return on the investment when you decide to sell, according to Today's Homeowner. If a bathroom remodel is in your future, new flooring, a shower makeover, or adding a wet room may all be on your ideas board. 

Although white subway tile, emerald green tiles, and creamy white Zelliges have all had their heyday, there's one color scheme we recommend for a look that's the perfect blend of timeless and trending. If an elegant, dramatic, and moody atmosphere sounds appealing, black marble tile is the perfect backdrop to make your bathroom a total showstopper. As Ashley Biscan, an interior design expert and trend expert with Floor & Decor, advised, "Marble will always be a favorite, but it's become moodier." 

She continued, "Black marble and deep veins make such a statement. Install marble in a checkerboard pattern for even more pop." This twist is not merely bold and brooding; it's also a highly versatile choice, beloved by many of HGTV's hottest stars. 

Working with monochrome marble

You might think a black-and-white aesthetic is too bold or difficult to pull off, but there's a reason experts like Heather Rae El Moussa can't get enough of this color scheme. The subtle marbling creates visual cohesion rather than overstimulating the eye and elevates the room with a luxurious, modern look. HGTV's Egypt Sherod, of "Married to Real Estate" fame, is also a fan of monochrome, and her designs showcase just how black and white marbled tile can create bold, moody elegance without feeling boring or cold. Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent are also huge proponents of this tiling style in bathrooms, and as Jennifer Biscan recommended, they used a chic checkerboard pattern to create some real pop during a Season 2 episode of HGTV's "Rock the Block."

These designers showcase one of the best things about monochrome marble — it creates a highly adaptable canvas for further customization. Like Berkus and Brent, you can go bold and broody with a black door and matching finishes, or like Sherod, you can opt for sleek silver finishes and white walls for a cleaner, more contemporary feel. El Moussa, meanwhile, merges monochrome with neutrals like wood tones and textures for a more natural feel. Gold finishes, on the other hand, can add an air of glam. Dare we say it, this tile style is versatile.

Adding a personal touch to this moody aesthetic

Sure, bold black and white marble will make a statement in your bathroom but since this style is so adaptable, your tile selections and other design choices will define the space's aesthetic. They also provide the perfect opportunity to show off your personality. For example, Floor and Decor's Heirloom Polished Porcelain Tile in black with white veining will create a much moodier, bolder bathroom atmosphere than the white Regent Statuario Glossy Ceramic Marble Tile with subtle black veining from Lowes. Luckily, both options are under $3.00 a square foot, making this an easily affordable bathroom remodel style if you're eager to dive right in ASAP. Other considerations extend to hardware and decor. 

For instance, ceiling moldings, a claw foot tub, and a small classic crystal chandelier will create a bathroom with opulent, old-world elegance while crisp bathrooms with clean and classic white walls, ceilings, cabinets, vanities, and tubs offer a more modern feel. Taking the size of your bathroom into consideration, the latter choice is a way to add some luxury to your space without making it feel small and dark, while the former is best attempted in master bathrooms. Touches like baroque wall art, antique jewelry trays, and monogrammed hand towels can solidify a moody design scheme, while earthy textures like wood and rattan balance and brighten the look. Simply put, this trend can turn your bathroom into a dark and moody oasis or simply add a touch of gothic elegance to classic contemporary appeal.