Toilet Upgrades That Take Your Bathroom To The Next Level

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You might not think of your toilet as a design element, but it actually can be. The humble throne is a blank canvas that, with a few touch-ups, can transform your entire bathroom. Just like how a dingy yellow bowl can make your space look outdated, a bright, stylish toilet can make the room appear more modern and clean. By adding some accessories like decorative decals and swapping out a few parts of your toilet like the lid or handle, you can upgrade this plumbing appliance and take your bathroom's design to the next level. 

While you can give your toilet a pop of color with a little paint, there are even more beginner-friendly and easy-to-complete DIYs to enhance the commode. Further, these ideas are easy to change out and aren't permanent, so if you end up disliking the look, you can easily go back to the toilet's previous basic design. If you have a shelf on top of the toilet tank or decor around the appliance, you are already drawing eyes to your toilet. So, why not give you and your guests something pleasant to see before you all take a seat?

Add a pop of color with your toilet lid

Your bathroom is the ideal place for color in your home, so why not add that pop of vibrancy to your toilet lid? You can swap out the traditional white lid and seat with a decorative one to upgrade the appliance and, in turn, the entire room. For a cohesive look, match the new toilet lid to ornamental staples in your bathroom like decorative tiles, accent walls, or hardware fixtures. A monochrome lavatory lid is a stellar choice for a simple yet distinct look, or you can embrace the maximalist aesthetic and get a patterned type. Wayfair has various options, from marble look alikes to covers with galloping horses.

Upgrading your toilet with a colorful lid is a budget-friendly way to give the space a unique look. Plus, a new lid is easy to install, so you don't need to call a plumber to make the change. Simply lift the caps at the back of the toilet seat, unscrew the bolts, and remove the old lid. Then, align the new seat to the holes, screw in the new bolts, and secure the caps. In one afternoon, you can give your toilet a quick remodel that enhances the whole bathroom. Further, you can make other stylish customizations to the plumbing appliance that are even quicker and easier than swapping the throne's seat.

Accessorize your throne

While changing your existing toilet lid and seat to a personalized type can take minutes, adding trendy stickers can take just seconds. Yes, there are stickers for your toilet that can transform the plain bowl into a work of art. There are many different styles of decals, so you can pick something that matches your room's aesthetic. If light and bright is your go-to, you might like SFGHOUSE's Green Plant Leaves Flowers Toilet Stickers from Amazon. You can apply the waterproof designs anywhere on the appliance, from the top of the tank to inside the seat lid. Just ensure the area is clean and dry before pasting the decal on.

Another easy way to upgrade your humble throne is to change the flush handle. Simply remove the tank's lid, unchain the flush valve, and unmount the old knob. Then, screw on the new handle, reattach the chain, and return the lid in place. There are modest designs you can go for, like KOHLER's Toilet Lever from Lowe's, available in different hardware finishes. On the other hand, for something more whimsical, check out Functional Fine Art's Dragonfly Toilet Flush Handle on Amazon. This is a simple way to accessorize your appliance and create different toilet designs to complement the style of your bathroom.