TikTok Shows How An IKEA Glass Display Cabinet Is Perfect For Handbag Storage

Wardrobes are often the trickiest areas to keep clean and clutter-free. Whether it's a lack of space or a poor organizational system, this spot in your home can quickly become a zone of chaos, especially when it comes to smaller accessories. Follow the wrong methodology and you'll quickly accumulate a jumble of purses and clutches shoved into a corner of your closet. Of course, this isn't ideal when you're looking for your favorite handbag or trying to put together an outfit. 

Luckily, you don't have to settle for convoluted systems or none at all, as there are plenty of helpful TikTok tips for storing and displaying your handbags that solve this problem. One such hack involves using one of IKEA's top-rated glass shelves, the MILSBO cabinet. Originally almost $280, shoppers can now snap it up for $229.99. This clear display case picks handbags up off the ground or takes them down from hooks and provides a professional and stylish method of storage. Here's how to get the same look and a few other options that feature IKEA's most popular glass cabinets for storing purses.

How to use IKEA's MILSBO cabinet for storing purses

Of all the clever ways to store and display your handbag collection, YouTube creator Morgan Britt Butler relied on the glass-paneled MILSBO cabinet from IKEA. It has angled legs — a great pairing in rooms with modern or mid-century modern-inspired themes — and four shelves, three of which are adjustable. After assembling two units for ample storage, Butler categorizes handbags by color and size. IKEA has several glass-paneled and open display cabinets that are practically made for showing off pretty accessories. Cabinets with clear doors or windows also have a couple of benefits when it comes to storing your most coveted purses and handbags. 

The transparent shelves keep handbags visible even when you're not wearing them, allowing you to enjoy them and get a good idea of what you have available when you're picking one for the day. Not only this, but the glass is protective, too. It keeps dust and dirt from infiltrating, bars bugs from taking up residence, and prevents unexpected messes or accidental spills from ruining the material. Even IKEA cabinets without glass doors offer a more structured method of storage. They also take the strain off of handles or straps, which can wear down faster if you loop them around hooks or hangers.

Other IKEA cabinet options for storing purses

If you love the concept of DIYing your own handbag storage, there are plenty of IKEA cabinets to choose from, including long, horizontal units with multiple shelves, tall glass-door displays, and compact units for smaller closets. The MILSBO model that Butler used in the video is popular, but IKEA has no shortage of other storage cabinets with similar qualities that'll serve the same purpose if you're after a different style. 

IKEA's BLÅLIDEN glass-door cabinet is an ideal alternative. It has glass shelves within a white or black frame and looks very similar, keeping purses safe behind the panels and giving a 360-degree view of your favorite accessories. For a background that'll make any micro purse or large tote pop, the RUDSTA is a popular option with glass doors and an opaque back panel. This one can also be locked — perfect if you have a few luxury designs. For a silhouette similar to the MILSBO but slightly smaller, the FABRIKOR cabinet takes the cake with its lockable three-shelf system.

If you'd like double doors for your array of handbags, lean on the BILLY/OXBERG bookcase, which opens up with minimalist pulls and keeps bags safely behind them. If you're not bothered about doors, there is a large BILLY bookcase that can serve as another open-shelf display for big purse collections. Lastly, smaller rooms or tightly curated purse collections will fit neatly inside the three-shelved BAGGEBO unit, which has a unique glass and mesh pattern on the panels.