This Convertible Sofa Bed Was Crafted With Elegance And Sustainability In Mind

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Folding sofa beds as we recognize them today were invented by an Italian immigrant, Bernard Castro, in the 1930s. He designed Castro Convertibles to be totally concealed and discreet when folded into the sofa frame, and these sofa beds soon found their place in millions of homes across America. Sofa beds still serve a valuable purpose in busy households today, but many feel they are old-fashioned in a modern home – not to mention that they're often still as uncomfortable as they were decades ago. Luckily, eco-conscious company Hernest saw this gap in the market and set out to create the best sofa bed for your living room that offers comfort, functionality, and a streamlined design.

Hernest created its new Modern Linen Convertible Sofa Bed With Storage to bring a fresh look to the standard sleeper sofa design and welcome this practical furniture piece into the modern era. By focusing on human-centric details and following sustainable values, Hernest has invented a piece that revolutionizes an age-old concept. Here's what you need to know about the Modern Linen Convertible Sofa Bed With Storage and the benefits it can bring to your home.

Reliable construction meets clever design

From every angle, Hernest's Modern Linen Convertible Sofa Bed With Storage incorporates thoughtful and practical design. Upon arrival, the sofa is very simple to set up with step-by-step instructions included. When folded into the seating position, this minimalist loveseat is spacious enough for two people to relax comfortably. Hernest's choice to use linen fabric for its sofa is a clear win for sustainability; linen flax is one of the oldest and most planet-friendly textile sources on Earth. Plus, it makes the cushions extra durable, breathable, and easy to clean. The detachable pockets located on either side of the sofa are perfect for storing books, magazines, TV remotes, and tablets. Even more storage is available underneath the seat cushion for pillows, blankets, game controllers, or anything else you might need handy.

If you're tired of struggling with heavy pull-out mattresses and stiff old hinges, you'll love that Hernest's sofa uses wheels for an easy roll-out setup. Once it's unfolded, you'll have a spacious sleeping area measuring 60.6 inches wide and 73.2 inches long. That's nearly the size of a queen-size bed! Although it's relatively lightweight at 119 pounds, the metal-framed sofa is impressively durable and can support up to 330 pounds. Hernest also helps guests say goodbye to noisy springs and backaches by opting for comfortable high-density foam cushions that provide proper support in any position.

This convertible sofa adapts to your lifestyle

Hernest's Modern Linen Convertible Sofa Bed With Storage won't just support your busy lifestyle; it also complements a variety of aesthetics. As a letter from Hernest's co-founder reads, "Furniture should meet the practical needs of daily life, optimize space efficiency, and create a home environment that is practical, convenient, and multifunctional ... every frame of design aims to instill a sense of ease and convenience during use, as well as aesthetic enjoyment in quiet displays." If there's one furniture piece that exemplifies these qualities, it's the Modern Linen Convertible Sofa Bed With Storage, as its modern and minimalist shape suits everything from high-rise studio apartments to cozy country cottages.

This linen sleeper sofa currently comes in six unique colors: gray, blue, sky blue, khaki, yellow, and classic off-white. Whether you're looking for guest room, studio apartment, or small bedroom ideas that will maximize your space, the Modern Linen Convertible Sofa Bed With Storage can shrink your furniture footprint while retaining comfort and functionality. If you plan to make multi-functional, sustainable decor a staple in your home, this affordable piece is well worth its modest $755 price tag.