Dollar Tree Storage Finds That Beat Drawer Clutter On A Budget

Creating well-organized drawers is essential in many areas of the home, everywhere from the messiest of catch-all junk drawers to unruly bathroom vanities. While there seem to be endless options for retailer drawer organization systems at all price points, as well as numerous cool DIY tricks for organization, one overlooked option for budget-friendly drawer organization has to be Dollar Tree, where you can pick up an abundance of differently shaped and sized tools for taming the clutter, all for around a dollar each. The right mix of them can help you store and access exactly what you need in a stylishly efficient way.

While some are bins, baskets, and boxes designed specifically for drawers, others are great organizers designed for myriad spots in the home that can also act as drawer organizers. From larger clothing drawers to narrow desks and vanities, you can find a solution that works perfectly to avoid clutter and chaos. 

Small item storage

The smaller the items in any given drawer, the more likely things are to get mixed up, jumbled, and misplaced. Dollar Tree's selection of small plastic organizers can't be beat and can be found at a slightly cheaper price point than similar containers from other retailers like Target and Walmart. At just a little over 8 by 6 inches, these Essentials clear plastic organizers from the Dollar Tree allow easy visibility and a clean look perfect for organizing items like cosmetics or jewelry in a bathroom vanity. 

As for the drawers in the kitchen, these Essentials rectangular organizers are a great size that can hold larger cooking utensils like ladles and spatulas. If you're looking for desk storage, you may want to take a look at the Essentials woven baskets, which are perfect for narrow desk drawers to help keep notebooks or other office supplies in place. Craft organizers can also work great in drawers to help corral small items. Try these covered compartment organizers for things like earrings and brooches or these simple wood craft boxes for organizing other accessories. 

Larger item storage

Dollar Tree also has some great affordable options for organizing larger drawers in places like wardrobes and closets, including these square organizer compartment boxes that are perfect for organizing socks, scarves, or ties. These shallow woven straw round baskets are perfect for nesting inside drawers to hold rolled items like baby clothes, scarves, and underwear. Or try using these slotted plastic baskets or gold wire trays as a way to organize larger items like headbands and scrunchies. They also work perfectly for holding hair tools like curling irons and blow dryers to help organize your bathroom

For a custom DIY organizer that fits even your biggest dresser drawer, combine Dollar Tree supplies like foam core board and faux wood contact paper to make drawer inserts cut to size. This approach is great for dividing larger bureau drawers into different compartments that make organizing and accessing your clothes easier.