This Inexpensive IKEA Find Is A Game Changer For Hidden Under-Bed Storage

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If you have limited storage space in your bedroom, you know how difficult it can be to keep the space neat and organized. Items can quickly pile up and contribute to clutter. You may have turned to a variety of storage solutions to help maximize your space. Products like storage baskets and closet organizers can help you keep things tidy, but we often overlook under-bed storage. The IKEA PÄRKLA is a great way to organize and store items under your bed for easy access.

This product is a square-shaped plastic case that can either be placed in under-bed storage drawers or directly under your bed. It is also the perfect solution for messy children's rooms. The IKEA PÄRKLA includes a zipper that helps you keep your items secure and sealed, so you do not have to worry about dust or other debris collecting on top of your belongings. These storage cases are great for those looking for something affordable because they are only $1.99 each, so you can purchase multiple while remaining within your budget.

Use the IKEA PÄRKLA to store these items

The IKEA PÄRKLA is so versatile that you could use it to store a wide variety of items, from holiday decor in between seasons to children's toys. In the TikTok video above posted by @nicolinaco, you can see that the case holds 16 sweaters. The most obvious use of the IKEA PÄRKLA is to store clothes just like @nicolinaco, as you could place winter pieces like jackets, sweaters, scarves, gloves, and more inside the cases until the next season. Clothing items that take up too much space in your closet, like jeans or coats, might also be a good option.

Clothing aside, you might want to consider using the IKEA PÄRKLA in your children's room as a simple way to store their toys. It would be a great way to store small pieces like blocks so they are all contained in one place. If you browsed through the IKEA product page for the PÄRKLA, you might have noticed that the company also suggested using the item to store bedding or pillows.

More about the IKEA PÄRKLA

If you plan to place the IKEA PÄRKLA inside of under-bed storage drawers, you should know that it is 21¾ inches wide, 19¼ inches deep, and 7½ inches high. The product can easily be stored out of the way when it is not in use because it is made of bendable 100% polypropylene. The storage cases can easily be folded and stacked in between uses.

The IKEA PÄRKLA is similar to other under-bed storage solutions on the market, but much more affordable. For example, the Amazon Basics Under Bed Fabric Zipper Storage Container Bags come in a pack of two for $15.66. That price applies to the product's 18 by 42 by 6 inches size option. Home Depot also sells a large under-bed storage container for $8.36. You can purchase multiple IKEA PÄRKLA cases for the price of either of these products. If you are looking to save money, you might want to opt for the IKEA PÄRKLA.