The Beautiful Decorative Storage Tray You Can DIY With Old Pot Lids

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You probably have a lot of lids in your cupboards, but no idea what to do with them once their respective pots and pans age out of their useful years. Usually made of metal or glass, old lids for cookware come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all designed to be durable and heat resistant. This durability often makes these lids useful for repurposing in clever projects for creating everything from bird feeders to hanging hooks. A recent trend among internet DIY-ers entails transforming these old lids into trays or shallow bowls perfect for holding all manner of objects in your home both securely and stylishly.

This great DIY is a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive and luxe enamel or metal trays available from retailers, as well as a way to rescue old lids from storage boxes or the landfill. Since lids come in all sizes, they are great for creating a perfectly sized tray for even a small surface like a nightstand or side table.

Making a tray from a pot lid

Transforming a pot lid into a tray only involves decorative elements like paint and some form of feet for the tray to rest on. Some DIYers have found success using wooden craft doll heads as legs by attaching them with glue so that the pot lids sit evenly on a surface. You can also use drawer pulls with flat bottoms, like this Amazon option for $9.99.  

Paint your pan lid to fit your decor and fill it with decorative or utilitarian objects. These shallow trays work perfectly as bath trays that hold candles or soap dispensers; they're great for holding remotes and other electronics on a coffee table, or as spots for keys and other quick-grab essentials near the door. They also make great low-profile centerpiece containers to fill it with flowers or fruit. These common household items also make beautiful planters or succulent containers.