14 Kitchen Cabinet Organizers That Will Make Storage A Breeze

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Whether you live in a tiny condo or a detached house with a standalone kitchen, chances are your cabinets are packed to the brim. Cooking utensils, dinnerware, flatware, appliances, and pantry items all demand their bit of space. If you don't grant them this wish, they quickly morph into heaps of mess. To avoid clutter, and the ensuing stress while you cook, you need creative but pragmatic solutions that leverage every inch of cabinet room. 

To help you with this task, we've compiled a list of innovative products that help you organize your kitchen cabinets and keep your cooking space clutter-free. This lineup also aims to boost your kitchen's functionality by minimizing the effort needed to put away and retrieve items. And, since kitchen decor is so easy to disturb with poorly chosen items, we carefully curated products that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical. 

Cabinets To Go 18-inch organizer stacks casserole dishes neatly under base cabinets

This 18-inch organizer from Cabinets To Go stores dishes vertically inside your base cabinets — a much tidier (and safer) alternative to stacking dishes on top of one another. Not only does it keep the cabinet neat, but it enables you to retrieve the dish you want without leaving the rest in disarray. The organizer's under-mounted tracks let you pull it out of the cabinet so you can easily reach items at the back of the unit. And, thanks to its depth of over 22 inches, you can likely store multiple dishes or baking trays in each row.

Cabinets To Go 32-inch half-moon accessory optimizes blind space cabinet storage

This two-shelf organizer from Cabinets To Go simplifies storage in your kitchen's awkwardly shaped blind corner cabinets. With this organizer, there's no need to reach into the depths of a base cabinet and dig around for an item you can't see. Instead, you can simply pull the wooden shelves out of the cabinet. Then, push it right back into the blind corner when you're done. The shelves pull out and retract easily by sliding and rotating on their shaft, and come in three variations to fit 12-inch, 15-inch, and 18-inch cabinet openings. You can also install these units using 90-degree European cabinet hinges or standard mounting brackets.

Cabinets To Go 3-inch filler pullout makes use of dead space between base cabinets

This pullout filler from Cabinets To Go offers a spot to hang and dry kitchen towels in the dead space between your base cabinets. The rack slides fully out on extendable ball-bearing slides to give you access to two towel bars and a narrow shelf for cleaning supplies. This way, you can keep these small items at hand but out of sight. The maple rack blends easily with most kitchen cabinet colors and finishes, but the product also includes a neutral front panel and handle.

The Container Store organization kit is the comprehensive solution for all your base cabinet items

If you use your base cabinets as a repository for various cookware or bakeware, consider a comprehensive organizer set like this one from The Container Store. This chrome wire set outfits your cabinets with five handy storage solutions. Its 20-inch drawer is large enough to accommodate multiple pots and is mounted on extendable slides so you can pull it out instead of reaching into the cabinet. The two smaller racks are also retractable and provide six storage slots — these fit lids, cutting boards, and casserole trays. The set's door rack offers additional storage for flat items, while two wire shelves eliminate the need to pile dishes and containers on top of each other.

Knape & Vogt slide-out pot and pan caddy simplifies storing and retrieving cookware

An organizer solution like this slide-out pot caddy from kitchensource.com lets you store an entire cookware set without piling pots and pans on top of each other. You can also retrieve the larger pots by sliding the bottom shelf out — there's no need to reach inside the cabinet. The wooden shelf can support up to 25 pounds, which is sturdy enough even for cast iron items. Meanwhile, the side shelves accommodate frying pans and lids. The unit takes little effort to install as the base attaches to the bottom of the cabinet with just four screws.

WHIFEA two-tier pull out makes it easy to reach upper-cabinet items

Upper cabinets afford ample storage space, but make access a challenge due to their height. A pull-out rack like this one from Amazon solves the height problem. The double-shelf unit retracts from the cabinet and lowers to a level where its contents are within reach. Thanks to the unit's pneumatic pull-down mechanism, the shelves move up and down in a controlled manner. The shelves are designed to house dinnerware, with a special tray beneath the racks to collect water from the plates.

Williams Sonoma Hold Everything expandable organizer fights chaos in your drawers

Keeping kitchen drawers tidy can be hard without a well-designed organizer. With compartments that aren't wide or deep enough to house it, flatware often aggregates into one messy pile. This drawer organizer from Williams Sonoma keeps it neatly sorted in its large, 2-inch deep compartments. With two expandable sections on either side, the organizer can offer two additional compartments if your drawer dimensions allow it. Plus the organizer's walnut finish is neutral enough to blend aesthetically with any kitchen decor.

Williams Sonoma Hold Everything storage neatly fits yours spices into a drawer

Kitchen drawers are great for storing spices, which typically come in compact containers and often don't need the large footprint of a cabinet. This drawer insert from Williams Sonoma comprises an ash wood tray separated into four compartments that house spice jars. You can buy the matching jars together with the insert. These containers are made from glass and come with wooden lids to match the aesthetics of the tray. Measuring 15¼ by 10¼ inches, and with a depth of 2¾ inches, this spice storage tray fits most kitchen drawers with ample room to spare.

Williams Sonoma in-drawer 15-slot knife organizer keeps knives within reach (but out of sight)

If you have limited countertop space, a knife block can take up lots of precious room. Likewise, not all walls can accommodate a magnetic knife strip. On the other hand, kitchen drawers are convenient for storing knives within reach — as long as you have a suitable organizer to keep the blades in place. For example, this drawer rack from Williams Sonoma has 15 slots that hold the blades secure. The rack is sufficiently wide to accommodate knives up to 10 inches long and is designed to house eight small and seven large blades.

Hardware Resources wooden door-mount spice rack declutters cabinets with vertical storage

Kitchen cabinets are often cluttered with jars, bottles, and other small objects without a designated home. Door-mounted vertical storage is the ideal solution for these odds and ends. It keeps them secure and frees up cabinet space for larger items. For instance, this wooden organizer from Hardware Resources handily accommodates soap bottles and spice jars on the cabinet's door. This shelving unit is available in 9 ½-inch, 12 ½-inch, and 15-inch widths to suit different cabinet dimensions.

Hardware Resources wooden stemware rack keeps glasses safe and at hand

Any bartender will tell you that storing stemware upright is a surefire way to end up cleaning broken glass. Instead, the best way to prevent stemmed wine glasses and champagne flutes from breaking is to hang them from their base. A stemware rack like this one from Hardware Resources allows you to hang up your glasses underneath (or inside) your kitchen cabinet. You can choose between six-, seven-, and eight-row configurations, which measure 18, 30, and 36-inch in width, respectively. Regardless of the width, the organizers fit the standard wall cabinet depth of 12 inches.

Bellglee four-tier bottle rack organizes your wine collection

Most wine racks are designed for the floor, with fewer options for organizing bottles on the countertop or inside a cabinet. This rack from Amazon is a rare exception. It measures just over 6 inches in depth and 16 ½ inches wide, so it fits inside base or wall cabinets, or on top of a counter without issue. This version can hold 16 wine bottles, with 4 bottles per tier. You can opt for the smaller, two- and three-tier options instead to accommodate 8 and 12 bottles, respectively.

Better Houseware under-cabinet cup organizer conserves precious cabinet space

Hanging cups by their handles is an ingenious solution that utilizes vertical space while leaving the bottom of the cabinet free for dinnerware. For example, this organizer set from Amazon comes with two racks that hook onto wall cabinet shelves. If your cabinet shelf is at least 10 inches wide, you can hang both racks on the same shelf. And, if you have even more cups that you don't want to hide inside a cabinet, check out all the creative ways you can display your mugs in the kitchen!

DEKAVA organizer tidies your cleaning supplies under the sink

This no-frills 2-piece organizer from Amazon helps store all your (often unsightly) cleaning products and equipment beneath the sink. The set comprises of two racks, each with an upper and a lower shelf. The lower shelves pull out on a set of slides so you don't need to reach far inside the cabinets. Meanwhile, the top shelves are equipped with hooks for drying kitchen towels. Placing the two racks opposite of each other should provide enough clearance for the undersink plumbing.