What Are Pivot Doors & What Sets Them Apart From The Rest?

You might want to think outside of the box when selecting doors for your home. Some doors are a better fit for certain spaces than others, so you should weigh all of your options. To make the right selection, you need to understand the different door types and what sets them apart, for instance, pivot doors and their uniquely flexible design. Pivot doors attach to a door frame with hinges at the top and bottom, which allows the door to rotate open so that half of the door points out from one side of the door frame, and the other half points outward from the opposite side. 

As a result, pivot doors do not open all the way outward. This makes them one of the best types of doors for small floor plans. If you like the look of a large door but do not have enough room for it to open all the way out into a room, a pivot door is the perfect solution. They are clearly functional, but they can also serve as a visually stunning design element. Pivot doors add far more sophistication to a room than traditional doors, and they can be used to make your home look more luxurious.

Pivot doors explained

Pivot doors are different from traditional doors in their different hinge placements, but they also differ in cost. Pivot doors typically cost $3,000 to $20,000 depending on the materials used, according to Brennen Corp. In comparison, it costs anywhere from $200 to $1,800 for a standard door install, per Angi. Despite the high cost, pivot doors still make more sense for certain spaces, such as small doorways.

You might be wondering where you could incorporate this design feature in your home. Well, they may be your perfect front door if you are looking to make a statement. An oversized decorative pivot door can serve as an eye-catching feature that turns heads even from the sidewalk. When installing a pivot door that will welcome you, your family, and your guests into your home, you have quite a few materials to choose from, including glass, wood, and metal. You shouldn't have a hard time finding something that compliments the exterior of your house, and consider customizing the material you select even further with a front door paint color of your choice.