The Grocery Store That's A Hidden Gem For Finding Budget-Friendly Patio Essentials

If you have outdoor space in your home, you've likely looked into outfitting it with proper furniture and other items to make it a place you and your guests want to spend time in. If you're wondering how much you should expect to spend on patio furniture, you're looking at anywhere between $90 and $3,000, plus the cost of other items like planters, cushions, and door mats. If you hope to be on the lower end of that range, you may be surprised that a grocery store is the place to go for all your patio needs. Aldi, known for their budget-friendly food items, is also a hotspot for furniture and outdoor finds that can make your patio feel complete.

Whether you are hoping to furnish your entire patio or just need a few finishing touches for your outdoor space, a visit to your local Aldi is a must. Depending on the season, you'll find anything from a 3-piece wicker patio set to a 4-panel vegetable tower, all priced under $100. Here are some other hot Aldi patio finds and other places you may want to scour for outdoor deals.

Hot Aldi outdoor items and the best time to find them

Aldi is often considered a hidden gem in itself, as every time you step inside, you're likely to find a new product you've never seen before. As the summer months begin to roll around, ideally starting at the end of April into May, you'll begin to see an addition of outdoor and patio items you won't want to miss. One TikTok user found a rattan patio chair with a stowable ottoman, perfect for those with smaller outdoor spaces, for just $49.99. Another TikTok user was able to find a rattan storage table for $24.99, which would look adorable with the aforementioned patio chair or any furniture you currently have. For smaller decor items, Aldi has also been known to have vegetable towers for less than $8 and heavy-duty landscaper rugs for around $25. Our own House Digest Master Gardener even picks up some of her outdoor items at Aldi.

If you are worried about the durability of budget-friendly patio items, reviewers from years past have noted that their patio items from Aldi have held up for years. Reviews from previous years attest to this, with one Reddit user stating, "I bought two patio chairs in spring 2018, they're still going strong." Others have mirrored this, saying they have had everything from a glider to a full patio set for years without any issues.

Other hidden gems for patio essentials

If you want to design your perfect patio without breaking budget, you'll be happy to hear that Aldi isn't the only grocery store rolling out budget-friendly patio items this spring. While warehouse stores like BJ's and Costco are also known for their bulk food items, you may want to pursue their aisles for patio finds. Costco offers everything from dining sets to fireplace sets for under $2,000, plus market umbrellas for under $150 and deck boxes for under $60. At BJ's, you can find an outdoor fireplace for just $120 or add a few lounge chairs for $129 each.

Of course, if the big box stores fail you, you can always look to your neighbors for some great deals on used patio items. Facebook marketplace and apps like OfferUp are always good to check out before buying brand new. Local estate sales can also be great, as many people let go of their patio furniture when they downsize or move to a new home. Regardless of where you find your new favorite patio items, always look at spots in your grocery store you may not have noticed before — you never know what hidden gem is waiting for you on the other side of the bread aisle.