Erin Napier Shows Us The Perfect Way To Bring Dark & Moody Vibes Into Any Space

Fans of HGTV's "Home Town" took note of an episode follow-up sneak peek on Instagram when Erin Napier posted photos from their friend Shelley's "buttoned up bohemian cottage" redo. The lead photo in her post features the home's entryway furnished with an antique wooden buffet, framed artwork, and a bevy of interest-adding accessories for a perfect balance of dark, light, and texture. How did Napier get the walls for this alluring entry to the cottage just right? She incorporated shadowy wallpaper with an eye-catching freeform pattern.

Napier, pleased with the outcome, notes in her Insta post, "The geode entry wallpaper is from @york_wallcoverings, and I adore it." Geodes from York Wallcoverings (the company marketing the Napier's Erin & Ben Co. peel-and-stick line of wallpaper, which also offers a couple of Gothic-lite options in the line) works well in this space since it has a touch of golden sheen outlining the curvaceous shapes in the pattern. That hint of gold coordinates with the brown wood, and the design adds interest that a plain painted wall would lack, making Napier's choice a perfect enhancement. Don't have any entryway that might benefit from a moody makeover? Chances are, you can incorporate this type of dramatic flair in another area of your home.

Other moody rooms to decorate with wallpaper

Time and again, designers like Erin Napier turn to boldly patterned wallpaper to ramp up the look of even the smallest spaces. From bar nooks to dark and moody powder rooms, you can follow her lead and use wallpaper with bold patterns in deep colors to create oodles of ambiance. Concerned about the cost? When you only need a few rolls to add personality to a small room with a DIY project, it's easy to stay on budget. The boldness of gloomy aesthetics in smaller areas can also eliminate the need for purchasing new wall art, adding even more bang for the buck.

And though you may not typically associate wallpaper with the primary bedroom, don't minimize the impact it can have in creating a restful haven. Wallpapers with deep floral patterns, forest scenes, and celestial designs can create a pleasing environment that's perfect for rest and relaxation. When designing a moody bedroom, take cues from Erin Napier's cottage entryway style by adding contrasting accessories and enough lighting to give your room a cozy glow rather than making it into an uninviting cave. Whether you choose a melancholic color palette filled with blacks and grays or want a little more color and go with navy, dark emerald, or eggplant, using wallpaper to complement your favorite hue can add an air of drama to most every room in your home.