The Front Door Paint Colors That Can Boost Resale Value, According To Our Paint Expert

Everyone wants to ensure that they can get the most bang for their buck when putting their home on the market. While you don't want to sink a lot of capital into remodels right before you move out, something as simple as a coat of paint can help make your property seem more attractive to a bigger pool of buyers. For example, according to a 2023 poll by Alside, a manufacturer of vinyl siding, consumers are currently most attracted to off-white exteriors (clocking in at 20%) and white exteriors (following closely at 14%). While not everyone can repaint their brick or vinyl, they can at least repaint their door. But what color will help fetch the highest bidder? In an exclusive interview with House Digest, we asked Sue Wadden, the director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, which color can garner the most positive attention. However, the answer is a bit layered.

As it turns out, the best colors to choose are those that either match the style of your home or are currently trending. You want it to boost curb appeal and make your house memorable for buyers who are visiting multiple listings per week. "A front door is the perfect place to experiment and add a fun pop of color to set a home apart from others on the block," Wadden reveals. The worst colors to choose are those that are high maintenance or can appear dirty quickly. 

Choose colors that are bold or trending

First, the best color for resale is the one that will help make your home stand out in buyers' memories. "When you think about driving around different neighborhoods, a bold, eye-catching color draws the most attention and is also that unique feature of the home that can display the homeowner's personality from the outside," Wadden tells House Digest exclusively. But when it comes to choosing the best color with the highest resale value, the answer isn't so cut and dry. "It is truly up to personal preference and the design style a homeowner is trying to achieve," Wadden says. However, if you need help narrowing down what that preference is, she shares what is currently trending.

"Red has been popular for years and always stands out when paired with a white or brick exterior," she says. "Deeps and darks are really trending, especially with a dark or natural exterior because they lend elegance and sophistication to the exterior look." If you want to tap into the zeitgeist, she recommends considering Sherwin-Williams' Color of the Year, Upward SW 6239, for a front-door contender. It echoes the current Coastal Grandmother decor trend, making it feel fresh and current. She also recommends bright, natural tones like Basque Green SW 6426 and Kale Green SW 6460 for the trend.

Avoid white, yellow, and multicolored designs

Giving your front door a quick coat of paint can really make it market-ready. Wadden tells House Digest exclusively, "A door might be on the older side, and the style might be a bit outdated. However, a fresh coat of paint with a bold pop of color paired with some new hardware instantly gives it new life and a new look for the home exterior." But that doesn't mean any color paint will work. There are two that you want to avoid since they're high maintenance: yellow and white. "Yellows can be difficult to maintain on a front door and sometimes induce feelings of anxiety. White is generally a go-to but can become very dirty in such a high-traffic part of the home," she explains.

While you want your exterior to be memorable and show off your personality, you don't want to go too far with it. Make sure to choose only one color and leave the rainbow motifs for your new house; multicolored doors are a little too eccentric to appeal to many buyers. "While a solid color door can suit many styles and design aesthetics, multicolored doors tend to be very personal and may not be attractive to every future homeowner," Wadden notes, adding, "Solid colors will serve a seller best for that mass appeal." Follow these tips and you might just fetch higher bids than your realtor thought you would.