Christina Hall's Unusually Shaped Decor Idea Will Turn Your Bathroom Into A Showstopper

HGTV's Christina Hall is always ahead of current trends, and she often provides exciting interior design ideas — so if you want to take your bathroom from forgettable to fabulous, the star is an excellent source of inspiration. One great example can be found in Hall's eye-catching picture of her ulta-chic bathroom on Instagram. While the entire bathroom looks stylishly elegant, with sleek hardware and warm hues, we can all agree that the most intriguing aspect of the post is the truly unique mirror. 

Unlike many standard rectangular or round bathroom mirrors, the one in the HGTV star's post flaunts a unique shape, featuring curved lines at the top and bottom sections of the frame to provide more visual interest and creativity. After this post dropped, many home decor enthusiasts likely searched high and low to find similar mirrors with fun curvy details. Are you one of these fans, dying to incorporate Hall's playful bathroom mirror update idea into your home's bathroom? Well, the mirror from the HGTV star's post could have been the Butterfly Mirror, which you can purchase for around $330 from Ethnik Living. Meanwhile, the similar-looking and highly-rated AllModern Beale Metal Asymmetrical Wall Mirror is available for $300 at Wayfair

With all that said, mirrors with silly shapes aren't the only ways to add curvy touches to your bathroom. Don't be afraid to experiment with sconces and other decorations, too — using Hall's bathroom as inspiration.

A fun, curvy bathroom needs fun, curvy features

Once you take your eyes off the adorable mirror in Christina Hall's bathroom, you'll notice the two black sconces on each side have equally curved designs, complementing the statement piece. If you're ultra-inspired by Hall's post and want to frame your mirror with curved black sconces, check out similar thin, upturned choices — like the Maxim Vela 24-inch Tall Bathroom Sconce, selling for under $65 at

If Hall's Instagram post has you super excited about curvy bathroom decor on a broader level, though, don't feel limited to only adding curved touches through mirrors and sconces. Do you need to replace your bathroom mat or rug? Rather than opting for a classic straight or circular bathmat, embellish the space with a more free-spirited curvy piece, like the Kerigan on Wayfair. Or, if you want to commit to a bolder curvy addition, add shelving with a curved structure. Similarly, a curvy toilet paper holder will provide a subtle yet functional swirly detail.

In addition to functional decor, would you be interested in making your shower curvier, to take the theme even further? Curved corner showers with enclosures will help even the most minimalistic, small bathrooms appear contemporary and stylish. If you like the curved shower idea but don't want to commit to something so intense, switching to a curved shower rod will still add a fun change without as much work. Thus, with all these options, everyone should feel free to let their imagination run wild and embrace carefree curvy bathroom decor.