17 Smart Ways To Repurpose A Shower Curtain Rod In Your Home And Garden

Shower curtain rods, which are used to hang curtains around the shower to keep water in, have many other uses around the home. Typically, these are large tension rods that extend from one side of the wall to the other. If you have a spare shower curtain rod lying around, don't throw it away or donate it. Instead, you can easily repurpose it with one of our smart DIY projects. We've put together 17 of the most creative shower curtain rod DIYs that you can implement in your home or garden. These ideas will help you store items, organize possessions, decorate your home, and double your space. Whether you need a way to hang kitchen utensils or divide a room, we've got an idea for you.

Many of these projects are cost-efficient and only require the rod and little else besides some hooks or fabric, though several projects can be customized to better suit your specific space. Additionally, these ideas are beginner-friendly, so you don't need to be a carpenter or DIY expert to achieve great results. In fact, you can even invite young crafters to assist you, since many of these ideas are safe for little ones. Regardless of who is doing the repurposing, you're sure to find a clever way to put a spare shower curtain rod to good use.

1. Plant hanger

A shower curtain rod is a great tool for hanging plants without creating multiple holes in your wall. Depending on your space, you can either use the rod as a tension rod and simply place it between two walls, perhaps in a window or doorway, or you can hang it on two hooks. Measure the length of the rod to determine how far apart you'll need to space the wall hooks. Then, add S hooks to the rod and suspend your hanging plant baskets. This trick could either be used inside your home or outside in your garden.

2. Cooking utensil storage

Do you have limited space in your small kitchen? Free up valuable kitchen counter space by hanging your cooking utensils for easy storage. Not only will this help you access the utensils, but it will also help them dry properly after being washed. The best place to hang your utensils depends on the layout of your kitchen, but consider installing the rod near your stove or opt for over-the-sink storage if you intend to use the rod as a drying rack. Add S hooks and hang your utensils as you see fit. You could also modify this idea for tool storage in your shed or garage.

3. Outdoor clothesline

Conventional dryers use an average of up to 5000 watts per cycle. An outdoor clothing rack made out of a shower curtain is an eco-friendly alternative that will save you money on your utility bill. Install the rod between two stable surfaces like walls or build a box-like structure. To create the structure, you will need additional rods for the sides; they can be other shower curtain rods or PVC pipes. You'll want to connect them together with PVC or metal structural joints. Hang the clothes with hangers or let them drape over the rod itself. 

4. Shoe rack

Why buy a shoe rack when installing shower curtain rods works just as good? While you can make a standalone shoe rack with a few rods joined together, you can also create a rack by affixing a rod or rods to your closet walls. Depending on the type of rod you have, you might be able to use tension to hold it in place. Other rods may require additional hardware for mounting on the wall. You will need two rods for the shoes to rest on. Create multiple levels with additional rods. 

5. Toy basket holder

Keep toys off the ground and organized by storing them in hanging baskets. Mount the shower curtain rod or rods low enough so that children are able to access the toys and put them away. This DIY is a great solution for teaching young ones about cleaning up post-play. Add S hooks to hang the baskets or select baskets that already have hooks attached. That way, baskets can be removed and filled before being put away. Secure the baskets with hot glue if you want them to stay attached permanently. This hack is great for bath tub toys, too.

6. Crafting closet organization

Do you have an unruly crafting closet or shelving unit? Get supplies in order with a quick shower curtain rod hack. The rods are easily placed between the sides of a bookshelf or closet. Once in place, you can hang things by attaching S hooks. Alternatively, you can remove the rod periodically and slide on anything that has a hole in the middle. Store washi tape, spools of yarn, and ribbons for easy access. Then, retrieval is as easy as pulling the material off the roll and snipping off a piece with scissors. Storing supplies this way makes for an attractive and functional crafting space.

7. Coffee cup holder

Rather than storing your coffee mugs in the cabinet, put them on display by suspending them from a shower curtain rod. Hanging mugs vertically will save you valuable kitchen space. Install a rod or rods in the kitchen near your coffee maker or inside a cabinet where the mugs will hang above other stored items. This project is best suited for tension rods, but with the right mounting hardware, you can still install other types with a cordless drill. Add S hooks and slip the coffee mugs onto them so they hang evenly on the rod. 

8. Curtains for utility closet

Don't ignore the most obvious way to repurpose a shower curtain rod and hang some curtains. Shorter rods are great for hiding small spaces like the shelves above a washer and dryer, while longer ones can be used to hide taller utility closets that don't have doors. Either install a tension rod between two walls or mount hooks for the rod to rest on. Add one curtain for simplicity or two so you can pull them apart from the middle. You can apply this method to any small area you wish to hide from view.

9. Bunkbed curtains

Create a hideaway underneath in a bunk or raised bed. With just a shower curtain rod and some curtains, you can transform an empty space into a whole new world for little ones. Add a rod underneath the top bunk and attach two curtains. Install small hooks on the frame so that the curtains can be held open. You may want to consider using a rope to gather the curtains to either side. This curtain DIY will create privacy for a top or bottom bunk which can be very important for a shared bedroom. 

10. Room divider

Much like the previous project, a room divider offers privacy in a shared space. It also allows you to separate a room into two functional spaces. For example, a well-placed divider can help you section off an area for an at-home office when you have limited space. Some dividers require just a shower rod and curtain, while others may need more structural support. If you intend on putting a freestanding divider in your room, you'll need additional rods or PVC pipes for the side supports and a bottom stabilizing beam. 

11. Pot lid storage

Store pot lids upright by adding a rod inside a deep drawer. Pots can be stacked in the drawer and lids can be stored on their side for space-saving purposes. Add a single rod about an inch from the back of your drawer. You can also add additional rods for more storage. Tension-based shower curtain rods will be easiest to put into place. Other rods may require curtain loop brackets or wardrobe tube supports, both of which will only require the right hardware and a cordless drill. This project will keep lids accessible and out of the way. 

12. Accessory organizer

Instead of keeping your jewelry, sunglasses, and other accessories confined to a box, put them on display. Shower curtain rods and S hooks will allow you to hang your accessories where you can see and easily access them. There are multiple ways to create a display with rods. You can install them in your closet like you would for your clothing, mount them near a mirror to help you get ready, or if you're feeling especially handy, you could create a display on wheels. A free-wheeling display will require a frame that can be built with additional rods or PVC pipes and joints.

13. Pet gate

Is there a room that's off-limits to your four-legged friend? Two or three shower curtain rods are all you need to create a boundary for your fur friend. This project works best with tension rods, but if you're willing to install tube supports, you can use regular rods as well. Install the rods at a height that will prevent your pet from crossing into the next room. Place netting or fabric over the rods if you're worried about your pet escaping through the open spaces. This could also be used between deck posts outside as well.

14. Spice rack

Whether you keep your spices in the cabinet or front and center in the kitchen, a shower curtain rod makes for a quick and easy spice rack. Mounting the rods inside a cabinet is a smart space-saving alternative that makes more sense than directly stacking them on a shelf. Because spices are typically small, they can be stored higher to save some room when space is limited. Alternatively, you could install a rod above your stove or wherever you primarily combine ingredients. Attach one rod close to the wall and set the spices on top of the rod. Add more rods below for a tiered rack.

15. Wrapping paper holder

Have you ever seen those professional wrapping stations at a store? Do you envy the way wrappers can effortlessly pull wrapping paper off the roll? Give yourself a similar set-up by storing and hanging paper rolls on shower curtain rods. First, slide the paper tubes over the rods. Then, install the rods inside a shelving unit. Tension rods will allow you to easily interchange rolls of paper with better ease, but a hardware mounted rod will work, too. You can also build a simple wooden structure in which the rods are secured by hooks.

16. Towel rack

Not all bathrooms come with built-in towel racks. Thankfully, installing your own is very easy, especially if you already have a shower curtain rod on hand. You'll need a measuring tape, pencil, drill, curtain rod brackets, and bracket-appropriate screws. First, measure your rod, then subtract about 4 inches from the length and mark two points on the wall that match the ends of the tape. Install one bracket per mark. Finally, place your rod in the hooks so it is secure. Once the rod is in place, you're ready to hang towels.

17. Garland holder

When it's time to decorate, a spare tension shower curtain rod is the key to simple garland hanging. Instead of creating multiple holes in your wall and installing several hooks to hold the garland, you can use a tension rod instead. Start by installing the tension rod at a reachable level, then wrap garland and other accouterments like string lights around it. If you're worried about the garland slipping, add zip ties or reuse the small metal and paper ties that usually come with loaves of bread. This is a great drill-free way to hang your Christmas garland, though it can be used to decorate for any holiday.