17 Wall Mounted TV Cabinet Ideas To Elevate Your Entertainment Space

You turn your detective mode on, go undercover to research brands online, and wait for the ideal time of year to buy a new television. However, all your hard work will go to waste if you don't think about how you'll be styling it. Admittedly, the TV-cabinet combo is often relegated to being functional, but expanding your horizons and exploring different options will help you add some much-needed oomph to your basic entertainment space. You can go all out and opt for bespoke built-in designs or add a dash of subtle elegance with eye-catching wallpapers. There's no right or wrong move here; the sky's the limit (literally!). Spend some time finding the perfect spot for your TV and experimenting how you can pair it with your cabinets.

Start by analyzing the space and the layout of the room. Additionally, consider whether you want to affix your black box to the wall, plop it on top of the cabinet, or craft a dedicated entertainment center. Once you're clear on the space and configuration aspects, come up with ways to make your ideas work with the existing decor scheme for a cohesive look and feel. For instance, if your entertainment space screams luxury, adding some dramatic lighting and luxe decor items will help the TV-cabinet combo fit right in. Looking for inspiration to elevate your entertainment space with wall mounted TV cabinet ideas? Here are a few ideas to get your brain's gears moving. Lights, decor, and action!

Add visual interest with open shelves

Opt for open shelves around your telly if you prize accessibility. When you can clearly see what's on each shelf, you won't have to dig around for items. Though there's a con to these shelves: you can't simply dump items inside a shelf and hide the mess behind the door. Turn this drawback into a pro by artfully displaying items on the shelves and adding visual interest. For instance, hide the clutter within the drawers and exhibit your envious book collection, unique decor finds, vinyl records, and faux plants on the shelves. Don't forget to dust your open shelves regularly since they collect dust more easily than closed ones.

Bracket your black box with lively houseplants

What better way to strike a balance between your screen and green time than bracketing the tube with houseplants? Bonus advantage: Since they'll be in your sightline, you won't forget to water them; just place a dish under each pot. But don't just plop down any plant willy-nilly. Determine the amount of natural light hitting the media unit to choose the appropriate plants. Dress them in pretty pots, drape vines down the shelves, or invest in hanging baskets to enhance their aesthetic appeal. If the conditions aren't conducive to plant growth, add a dash of nature to your entertainment space with life-like faux plants and flowers.

Make awkward corners work for you

Don't have much space in your living room to make a basic media unit work? Customize your floating cabinets to maximize awkward corners and design a striking space for the telly. This way, you can easily beautify the neglected nook in your home without racking your brain for ideas to fill the negative (aka empty) area. Plus, the wall-mounted TV cabinet will lend the room some much-needed personality. Win-win! However, ensure the cabinet and tube are proportionate to the corner and the entertainment unit complements the furniture in the room, or you'll end up with an expensive eyesore.

Turn your TV cabinet into your living room's focal point

If you love streaming movies and shows on the big screen or catching up on reality TV is your guilty pleasure, why not turn your media unit into your living room's focal point? Turn the unit into an entertainment hub with DVD players, cable box, stereos, speakers, and gaming consoles. Draw the eye with adequate lighting and complement the unit with art, decor pieces, movie collection, books, and other knickknacks that don't take focus off your wall-mounted TV cabinet. To flawlessly integrate a TV in your living room, ensure the unit matches the room's design scheme and color palette.

Frame it with pictures

Frame your wall-mounted TV cabinet with one-of-a-kind art pieces, sketches, oil paintings, and family pictures for a bit of personality. The intriguing wall decor will double as a conversation starter, so there'll never be a lull at your hosted social gatherings. Make the unit a small part of your large gallery wall or just use the shelves to display your precious memories; the choice is yours. Regarding the type of photos and frames, experiment with different options to find your happy medium. Be deliberate about the arrangement and keep it fresh to instigate visual interest and take focus away from the black box.

Go for a marble backdrop

Marble is a timeless natural stone. Its elegant patterns, veins, and coloring remain unmatched. So, why not make your wall-mounted TV cabinet look luxurious with a bespoke marble backdrop? Look at your living, dining, or bedroom with a critical eye to finalize the stone's color and texture. You can go all out with a floor-to-ceiling marble backdrop and exquisite veins (Calacatta gold marble, anyone?) or tone it down with a decorative pattern against the entertainment unit. That being said, if marble doesn't fit your current budget, you can achieve similar looks with marble peel and stick options on custom cut MDF boards, quartz, and porcelain tiles.

Style it with unique decor items

If you truly want to give your entertainment center a unique appearance, it's time to let your personality (however chaotic) bleed through. Simply put, bring out your mismatched decor items and arrange them with panache on your floating cabinet's shelves. That means your antique candlesticks, kitschy frames, macrame vase, vignettes, faux hanging vines, old magazines, expensive vases, and lamps can co-exist without ruining the room's aesthetic. There are just two caveats. One, don't clutter the shelves or the plan will backfire. Two, ensure all the items you choose complement the cabinet and don't stand out too much individually.

Fit in slim floating drawers

Floating shelves and cabinets are incredibly common. For homeowners on the hunt for something different yet modern, sleek floating drawers will fit the bill. Their clean lines and no fuss design will give your entertainment unit a contemporary appearance. The best part, though? They're ideal for rooms that don't have a lot of empty wall space to spare. Go for push-to-open and soft-close drawers to enhance the drawer's elegance. To enhance the streamlined look, remember to hide away the cords and cables.

Focus on minimalism

If you're a fan of functional furniture, simple design, and uncluttered textures, focus on minimalism to style your TV unit. In short, put function over form to achieve more with less items. However, this doesn't mean the space has to look boring. Choose a floating cabinet that's aesthetically pleasing and practical. Pick a neutral backdrop (warm tones, patterns, and textures are welcome) that'll contrast perfectly with the unit. Conceal the unsightly tangle of wires with dedicated insets and complete the unit with a simple vase of cut flowers or proudly display work created by minimalist artists.

Play it up with lights

Spice up your entertainment unit with lights. Add LED strips around the black box to highlight the telly in stark contrast and create a cozy environment. Otherwise, add them behind the paneling to give it a glamorous touch. But you don't have to stick with traditional LED lights. Pick colored lights to dominate the room's atmosphere with contrast lighting. Get smart lights with remote or app control for a more immersive experience. Alternatively, go with lamps for a soft glow or sconces for a decorative touch. You can even hang fairy lights for a fantastical element. Cheeky and cool neon signs are another good option.

Embrace the farmhouse aesthetic

Loved Beyonce's foray into country music? Make your media unit exude rustic charm and serve as the perfect backdrop for your "Texas Hold 'Em" challenge video by embracing the farmhouse aesthetic. All you have to do is artfully combine the mainstays of farmhouse decor. To illustrate, punctuate the look with neutral shades, a hint of greenery, and organic materials like wood. Once you have the bare bones in place, play around with different textures and add finishing touches with ceramic lamps, stacked books, stylish bowls, candle holders, and metal objects.

Don't detract focus from your fireplace

Is your TV above the fireplace? Consider other locations instead. However, if that's your only option and you're loath to detract focus from your eye-catching fireplace, design your floating unit around the fixture. Carve a custom design for the feature, add decor items to the side cabinets, and hide the telly behind cleverly-styled panels. The panel operation can be manual or automatic, depending on how sleek you want the design to be. You must take care of two things, though. One, ensure no heat or smoke from the fireplace reaches the electronic device, or it'll malfunction. Two, don't mount the tube too high; keep it near eye level for optimal viewing.

Style it with wood

Wood is the OG green material that looks great with practically everything. Take your media unit for example. Use this natural material to frame the television and cabinet combo to make a statement; the options are endless. Go with wood paneling for a more contemporary feel or commission floor-to-ceiling wood planks for a bespoke design. Reclaimed wood slats will lend the space some texture, whereas wood accents will make the room appear inviting. Choose a material and design based on your preferences, layout, and budget. To take it up a notch, style the unit with plants, books and magazines, and nature-inspired decor pieces.

Design your living room around the TV

Although experts agree that it's time to stop arranging furniture around your TV, it might not be possible if the black box is an important part of your family dynamics. So, instead of being uncomfortable while playing games or watching movies, why not design your living room around it? The first step is to arrange the room's seating such that you have an uninterrupted view of the screen. Organize the space so the chairs, sofa, and ottomans face the television. Once you're done, mount the TV at eye level so you won't have to crane your neck needlessly. Ta-da!

Bring the coast home

Your high-tech TV doesn't have to be the odd duck in your living room. Careful arrangement and styling will help your media unit gel well with the overall decor scheme. For instance, if the room gives coastal vibes, ensure the telly is a part of the theme. The good news is this is a simple upgrade and doesn't require major changes. You just need elements that will remind you of sand, clear water, and the endless blue sky. So, choose warm coastal tones, beach-themed art bracketing the entertainment unit, decorative palm plants, and sea creature-inspired decor pieces for the ideal look. Easy-peasy!

Buy wallpapers for a distinct look

Create an accent wall on a budget with wallpapers. Determine the appearance you're going for and choose a wallpaper accordingly. For instance, if you love all things natural, go with a nature-inspired wallpaper with large leaves, playful fronds, striking flowers, artful plants, or animal motifs. Similarly, if you want to foster a playful atmosphere, select a wallpaper featuring asymmetrical geometric patterns, graphical designs, or swirling colors. You have a veritable buffet of options and can pick one that strikes your fancy. Just steer clear of ones that are too loud or they'll impede your TV viewing experience.

Create a moody atmosphere

Want to incorporate the dark maximalism trend into your living room decor? Simply paint the wall behind your entertainment unit pitch black. If you're not a fan of black, substitute it with deep blue and dark grays. The dark wall color will create a moody atmosphere. Plus, it'll help your TV become one with its surroundings. Match the cabinets to the wall for a well-rounded appearance. Add dramatic touches to the room with dark-colored furniture and reflective floors or rich rugs. To make it look less like a vampire's den, break the monotony with a light-colored ceiling and large windows to let natural light in.