Woman Caves Are Taking Over. Here Are Tips To Create Your Own Cozy Escape

"Man caves" are hardly a new concept, but private getaway spaces for women are becoming more popular. In a survey by Joybird, 59% of respondents had their own "she-shed," but why should someone have to build a separate structure to enjoy some relaxation? A "woman cave" is any designated space in the home where a woman can have complete domain and relax away from household noise and chaos. It can also be a place where a woman can explore her "feminine" interests, such as gardening, crafting, sewing, reading, or fashion. Of course, there's no wrong way to woman, but a woman cave is typically seen as a fun space where women can celebrate their femininity. In terms of interior design, many woman caves employ traditionally feminine details like florals, ruffles, or the color pink — design choices that might not work as well in a space shared with a man.

While the term "woman cave" might make you roll your eyes, it isn't a strictly binary concept. This trending topic alludes to the idea that everyone, regardless of gender, deserves to have a place where they can escape from daily life. You don't have to go all-pink to decorate your woman cave, but it's totally fine if you do. Whether you love to lean into the conventionally feminine vibe or not, here are a few key steps you can take to design your own woman cave, lady lounge, femme den, or nonbinary nook.

Start with a theme and color scheme

First and foremost, think about what you'll be using your woman cave for the most. Is it for hobbies like crafting, gaming, or playing music? Will it be a private reading nook, glamorous dressing room, yoga studio, or swanky spot to socialize? You'll want to create a space with plenty of room for your desired purposes, including any workbenches, equipment, or furniture that you may need. However, you should avoid turning your woman cave into a workspace or home office; this is a no-stress zone. After settling on an overall theme and intention, think about a color scheme. Pink is a popular pick for many woman caves, so explore what color palettes to use if you're featuring pink for an iconic feminine look. For a cave that's perfect for hosting a friends' night in, balance bold orange with funky fuchsia and neon pink. If pink just isn't your favorite, you can also get playful with pastels or try muted earth tones for a zen vibe. 

Start building your cave from the bottom up with a hardworking flooring material that's appropriate for your purposes. Epoxy, concrete, vinyl, or tile floors are brilliant for messy craft spaces while laminate floors or rugs can lend a cozier vibe. And don't forget the lighting! Install a fun dimmable chandelier or flush mount so you can switch between ambient and task lighting, or use colorful LED strips to add a fun nighttime glow.

Go bold with furnishings and décor

Man caves don't always have a reputation for being very glamorous, cozy, or even well-organized spaces, but proponents of the woman cave may enjoy a more aesthetically minded approach. Every cozy woman cave needs some fun furniture like a hammock swing, a velvet loveseat, or even a small bed for naps. Clutter can cause stress, and this space should be as relaxing as possible, so good organization is a must. Look for shelves and storage baskets that will complement your color scheme, or DIY your own pieces for a more personalized look. To avoid overcrowding your small space, remember it's better to use a few big furniture pieces than lots of little ones.

After moving in your essentials, shift your focus to comfort and creativity. Creature comforts like a Bluetooth speaker, TV, coffee pot, or a mini fridge will help you relax in your cave for hours. Fresh cut flowers, blush hues, and rose gold can add a touch of whimsy, but if you're not into the stereotypical "feminine" décor, there are plenty of ways to give your decor a feminine touch without using florals, pinks, or glitter. Many people love to decorate their cave with string lights, wall art, and live plants, which can promote a sense of well-being and improve focus. Finally, bring in some safe smell-goods like a wax warmer or essential oil diffuser to make walking into your woman cave feel like a breath of fresh air.