IKEA Has Revived Its Popular Anti-Stress Chair From The '60s & It's Better Than Ever

IKEA is constantly working on new products, and that requires it to phase out or update old ones. The JÄRLÅSA table, for example, which is the must-have IKEA product Pinterest is obsessing over in 2024, is a stronger, updated version of the HOFF from the '80s. Another piece of furniture that's been reimagined is the DYVLINGE chair, which was originally called the MILA. It costs $199 and comes in black or green. Customers love the colors, the comfort, and the style it adds to a space.

The IKEA product page reads, "MILA swivel armchair was presented as the 'anti-stress armchair' in our 1967 catalogue. A big success designed by Gillis Lundgren – now given new life with the name DYVLINGE in the Nytillverkad collection." 

"It's undergone some safety and sustainability upgrades, including an extra leg to avoid accidents," says the IKEA website. The previous version had four base legs, and this one has five to make it more stable and reduce the chances of tipping over.

The MILA swivel chair has come back as DYVLINGE

Reviews on the product page say the DYVLINGE is very comfortable and easy to assemble. Other customers like its small size because it can easily fit into a space. It might be just the accent chair you need to decorate that empty corner in your bedroom or entertainment room. 

Customers note that it is a low chair, and that might not be ideal for some. The low nature is because it's intended to be a place where you can relax, so we think it's great for reading, lounging, and simply taking a moment for yourself. It wouldn't be a good idea to sit in this for long periods of time or to use it as a desk chair or gaming chair. The height can also be awkward if you're really tall with long legs, so we suggest pairing it with a little footstool or ottoman, whichever is right for the space.

Overall, this seems like a good update. Fun fact: A special version of the DYVLINGE chair was given to the king of Sweden in 2023 to commemorate his 50th year on the throne, so it is literally fit for a king!