Our 20 Top Picks For A Beautiful Boho Shower Curtain

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Boho style is popular, but it can also be difficult to define. It has roots in Bohemian culture, which is believed to have started in the late 18th century. While the exact historical roots aren't fully known, the aesthetic is enduring. Look up a guide to Bohemian decor, and you'll find that it's inspired by nature, texture, and natural and earthy colors. It also takes inspiration from global cultures and patterns. Bohemian is often shortened to boho and has infiltrated pop culture, so it's not surprising that it has become a popular home aesthetic as well. Infusing boho decor is a great way to add visual interest to your space, especially in often overlooked areas such as a shower curtain. We've rounded up 21 unique shower curtains with that quintessential boho style from stores like Anthropologie, Target, and Amazon.

Inspired by nature and often using soothing colors, the boho aesthetic is a great option for a bathroom since it contributes to the calming vibe of the room, providing a space to unwind and relax. Contemporary boho style is also about mixing and matching to create an eclectic design that fits your style. That means you can bring in a variety of colors and textures to layer with the shower curtain through bath mats and wall decor. If you're looking to add a boho touch to your bathroom, these shower curtains are the perfect place to start.

Best Boho Shower Curtain Overall

Whimsical and colorful, the Patchwork Boho shower curtain, $49 from Natural Life, is an obvious choice for a boho-inspired bathroom. The shower curtain features a patchwork design of floral motifs in a variety of colors and styles. It obviously brings in the natural element through flowers, but it also has an eclectic vibe that boho-style is known for. This shower curtain is the perfect way to add a pop of color, especially in a bathroom with an overall neutral design. However, by using the same color scheme, it will still work with a colorful space.

Best Boho Shower Curtain with a 70s Aesthetic

Anyone who loves flowers and a 70s aesthetic will love the Sunburst floral shower curtain from Schoolhouse for $89. This shower curtain has a groovy boho vibe with the flowers combined, thanks to the shape of the blooms. Dusty oranges, golden yellows, and pale pinks use a popular boho color scheme. These earthy shades are a great way to add a relaxing yet fun detail to the bathroom. Since the shower curtain is such a statement, use mats, decor, and vanity accessories that aren't printed in the same color scheme or use warm neutrals.

Best Boho Shower Curtain for Minimal Color

Jungalow is a brand sold at Target that designs contemporary boho home decor, so if you're looking for an easy way to add this style to your home, this is a company to check out. If you're a boho lover who prefers minimal color, the Soleil shower curtain, which retails for $28.49, is the way to go. The design takes inspiration from a Suzani print, so it brings in the cultural influence common in boho designs. The black and white geometric sun print would be a stunning addition to a bathroom filled with natural wood decor and other neutral details.

Best Boho Shower Curtain for Maximalist Style

If vibrant design is how you're decorating your bathroom, the Boho Bouquet shower curtain from Laural Home, costing $89, is exactly what you need. For anyone who loves maximalist style with a boho flare, this is the perfect shower curtain. The bold but overall earthy colors also make this perfect for a boho bathroom. Some of the flowers represent mandalas, and there are also a few mandalas in the backdrop. This motif is often associated with boho and bohemian styles as it brings in influences from world cultures.

Best Boho Shower Curtain from Anthropologie

The Aurelie organic cotton shower curtain from Anthropologie is the best choice from the well-known boho retailer. This shower curtain features a patchwork design of a variety of boho-inspired patterns, including floral, geometric, and damask. The soothing color palette of light blues and neutrals with a pop of red and orange adds a pop without being overwhelming. It's made of organic cotton and is machine washable, and that, along with its unique design, makes it the top option from Anthropologie. Available exclusively online, it retails for $78.

Best Boho Cotton Shower Curtain

Anthropologie has a hippie-chic aesthetic that's often closely associated with boho style. The Kye shower curtain from Anthropologie leans more into the natural side of the boho trend through the floral and foliage motifs. It also brings in boho by using cotton to give it a natural and airy feeling. This is the shower curtain to use to infuse an earthy color scheme into your bathroom, with rich golds, oranges, and greens mixed with deep purple. Look for other bathroom details in softer whites and taupes as well as sage greens. It retails for $78.

Best Boho Shower Curtain from a Small Artist

Society 6 features artwork from small artists, and that's what makes the Leopard Vase shower curtain, $81, a cool find. It's designed by a New York-based artist and features two leopards reaching towards a vase holding a vining plant. If you're looking to support a small artist while making your bathroom feel a little trendier with this popular minimalist art style, this boho shower curtain is the best choice. Pair it with rich blues and soft pinks throughout the bathroom.

Best Abstract Boho Shower Curtain

Urban Outfitters is known more as a clothing retailer and brand, so you may wonder, "Is it worth it to buy furniture from Urban Outfitters or decor to decorate your home?" Overall, the store has stylish options that are often hip, contemporary, and boho-leaning, like the Kiko shower curtain, which is $39. It has a warm, natural-inspired color scheme with orange, pink, and yellow color blocking. It's more of an abstract design, which creates a less obvious approach to boho decor. The sheer fabric also makes it ideal for creating a light and airy space.

Best Boho Shower Curtain for Mid-Century Boho

Boho decor easily pairs with other popular home aesthetics, which is why the boho mid-century shower curtain from Amazon, $19.99, makes this list. Mid-century style is popular for its minimalistic color schemes, natural influences, and geometric shapes, which line up well with boho style. With an earthy color scheme, green leaves, and layered arch detail, this shower curtain perfectly combines mid-century modern and boho aesthetics. If you want to combine two stylish aesthetics, this is the shower curtain to choose. Pair this shower curtain with other earthy elements like live plants and natural wood furnishings.

Best Boho Shower Curtain with a World-inspired Design

The Animal Grotesque shower curtain, from Society 6 for $59, is one of the most unique options on the list. An aspect of boho style is being inspired by the art of world cultures. This shower curtain features art inspired by antique Mughal rugs. So, if you're looking to add global influence along with a unique design, choose this shower curtain. Bold natural colors will make for a statement piece in your bathroom. Lean into the vibrant design and pair it with a saturated color scheme of oranges, reds, and greens accented with natural woods.

Best Feminine Boho Shower Curtain

Embrace the softer side of boho decor with the Cornelia Patchwork shower curtain. This shower curtain from Urban Outfitters, $39, features a patchwork design of mostly purple fabrics with some pops of golden yellow. With delicate floral motifs paired with gingham and stripes, this shower curtain is perfect for a feminine eclectic style. It'll pair well with a neutral color scheme but is also soft enough to be paired with other pastel colors. The gauzy nature of the fabric will also keep the bathroom feeling open and airy and allow for a lot of light to flow through the room.

Best Boho Shower Curtain with a Mandala Design

Make a colorful bathroom statement with the Andana Medallion shower curtain from World Market, which costs $29.99. If you love the intricate designs of mandalas, this is the perfect shower curtain. The mandala brings inspiration from world culture to the design. The vibrant colors are also reminiscent of world design, and natural motifs cement it into the boho style. Being on a white backdrop not only makes the design pop but also grounds it, so it's not so overwhelming with color. It will pair well in bathrooms that have similar color schemes to complement the shower curtain.

Best Boho Shower Curtain With Various Sizes

Boho design doesn't have to be filled with color; The white Boho shower curtain from Walmart, starting at $16.99, is proof of that. Even though it's void of color, it's visually interesting, thanks to the tufted design. It has a geometric tribal-inspired design across the entire shower curtain, adding texture to the space. Since more people are incorporating color, you may be wondering if all-white home decor is going out of style. But all-white rooms are timeless and elegant. The curtain is also available in four sizes, so you can find one that best fits your shower.

Best Boho Shower Curtain for a Kid's Bathroom

Boho and whimsical, the Mushroom Garden shower curtain from Natural Life, $49, is a fun option on the list. Featuring a design of colorful mushrooms of all shapes, sizes, and patterns, this shower curtain is ideal for anyone looking for something fun and vibrant. It's a more youthful print, so it could be a good option for a kids' bathroom or anyone who wants to design around their inner child. Because it's busy, you may opt to place it in a bathroom with neutral walls or tile so it can truly stand out and pair it with other colorful decorative elements.

Best Sustainable Boho Shower Curtain

The Paloma shower curtain from Pottery Barn, for $79, would add a much-needed pop of boho color to a bathroom. It has a paisley and floral pattern, a playful take on a nature-inspired motif. With a bright and earthy color scheme that features oranges, reds, and blues, this shower curtain is ideal for anyone who loves color. This shower curtain is best for adding a mature feeling without being stuffy. It's one of the more eco-conscious options because it's made with 100% cotton from sustainable sources and made with fair labor.

Best Lacy Boho Shower Curtain

If you're looking to incorporate boho style in a delicate way, the Cherrilyn floral shower curtain from Wayfair, $22.99, is a good option. It has an embroidered floral design, which is a unique way to bring in a natural element. It also features details like a scalloped bottom, layered valances on top, and tassels, this shower curtain. The Cherrilyn shower curtain has a vintage boho aesthetic and the sheer fabric will allow light to bounce around the room. It works well with neutral bathrooms with natural wood, gold details, and live potted plants.

Best Boho Shower Curtain Under $25

It's no secret now that wildflowers perfectly capture the boho aesthetic. The Wildflower patchwork shower curtain from Etsy, $24.51, has an eclectic, boho feeling with a variety of wildflower fabrics patched together. It also has a quilted design, which is ideal if you're looking for a homemade feeling that adds to the whimsy of the overall style. The bright orange flowers feature a color that's gaining popularity and popular in the boho aesthetic. Take inspiration from this and pair the shower curtain with other orange decor pieces. Bring in flowers and plants to add a natural vibe.

Best Boho Shower Curtain with Macrame

Macrame is a weaving technique that is reminiscent of traditional techniques from a variety of cultures. It has been adopted into the boho aesthetic because it's often made by hand using natural materials. The Ivory macrame shower curtain from Walmart, $94.49, is a great option because it features an intricate, layered macrame design at the top of the shower curtain with lots of fringe hanging from the woven art piece. It's a fun way to incorporate macrame in your home and add plenty of texture. This shower curtain is also a great option for a monochromatic or neutral boho space.

Best Boho Shower Curtain with a Vintage Design

Lean into the nature side of boho with the Madison Park Piece shower curtain from Kohl's, $39.99. Bird lovers will adore this shower curtain since it's reminiscent of old nature guides, giving it a vintage boho look. This boho shower curtain is perfect for a traditional bathroom or one with a few antique details. This shower curtain adds a subtle hint of color and texture to the bathroom, so place it in a neutral-colored space so the color really pops–accent with blues and greens to coordinate with the shower curtain.

Best White Boho Shower Curtain

With soft white decor trending, this BTTN boho linen shower curtain from Amazon, $23.99, is a pretty and trendy option. The beige linen fabric features a simple white embroidered design running the length of the fabric. Thanks to the bottom tassels, this shower curtain is perfect for adding playful details. This would pair well with designs that feature a soft white color scheme. Pair it with materials like wood, linen, and cotton to fill the space with natural textures. Add pops of color with leafy plants throughout the space.

How we selected products

When choosing products for this guide, two main factors were considered. We wanted to keep in mind how well the shower curtains fit a boho aesthetic as well as the product reviews and ratings. Because we could not personally test each shower curtain, we relied on the ratings and reviews of previous customers. Each shower curtain is rated between 4.5 and 5 stars, ensuring both the quality of the material and the design, and prior customers were happy overall with their product. We've also selected shower curtains from trusted and popular retailers known for their quality products and customer service, so purchases will be safe and secure.

We have selected categories consumers may consider for a shower curtain and chosen the best products meeting the requirements. Categories considered price, sustainability, material, brand, and appearance. Of course, we also evaluated the shower curtains' designs based on how they adhered to boho aesthetics–mainly considering color scheme, emphasis on nature, and inspiration from world cultures. Each shower curtain has at least one of these details that positions it within the boho aesthetic. Having defined but wide parameters allows for various styles of boho shower curtains, from vintage and colorful to minimalist and textured. The products chosen display the many interpretations of the boho aesthetic and how anyone can incorporate it into their personal style.