Refresh Your Dated Laundry Room Wire Shelves With An Easy Dollar Tree DIY

Your laundry room might be one of many that has a wire shelf hanging over your washer and dryer. This is a convenient laundry room storage solution that allows you to place your products within close reach of your machines, but it isn't exactly aesthetically pleasing. You can completely transform that unsightly wire shelf with just a few items, some of which you can snag from Dollar Tree. To complete this affordable DIY, you will need a large piece of cardboard, QC Con-Tact Knotty Pine Self-Adhesive Shelf Liners from Dollar Tree, a hot glue gun, and a cardboard cutting tool.

You will need to simply measure your laundry room shelf and cut the cardboard to size. Then, you can stick the contact paper onto the cardboard. Once completed, the cover should fit right over the wire shelf with one side folded over to hide the front of the shelf. After you have added this DIY storage solution to your laundry room, you will be left with what looks like a wooden shelf for a fraction of the price. This simple DIY project is perfect for renters who cannot remove their wire laundry room shelf and have a new one installed. It is also great for homeowners who simply do not have the time or budget to have the shelf replaced.

Tips to make your DIY shelf cover even better

YouTube channel DIY Home & Crafts shared just how to put this simple laundry room shelf cover together. Although the content creator used cardboard as the base for this project, you might want to consider purchasing a more sturdy material. You can keep things affordable by picking up the Hardboard Tempered Panel from Home Depot. It is priced at only $13.98 per panel. A particle board panel is also a good option if you would prefer to use something more sturdy but still affordable. Home Depot sells a 4 foot by 8 foot particle board panel for $25.97 online. However, keep in mind that you should be able to have the material you select cut to whatever size you need in store.

After you have assembled the laundry room shelving panel, you can further customize it and decorate your shelf however you'd like. You may have noticed that the DIY Home & Crafts video shows different ways that you can add easy-to-make decor pieces. This might inspire you to try out one of the additional DIY projects shown in the video. Dollar Tree is a great place to snag other materials to use to customize the shelf. For example, the store's Crafter's Square Wood Boxes could be painted and used to store laundry products on top of your new shelf.