Bring One Of This Year's Biggest Trends Home With Stunning DIY Macrame Feather Decor

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If you're looking for ways to incorporate macrame into your home, chances are you've created the DIY macrame adjustable plant hanger and know how incredible this kind of project is. Yes, macrame is ideal for displaying house plants, but you can also create beautiful wall art with this stylish knotting technique. Macrame feathers are wildly popular, and for good reason. Not only do they add a bohemian chic appearance to any room, but they're a fun craft for anyone who appreciates homespun decor. Even better, macrame incorporates natural elements such as linen, cotton twine, jute, or hemp, perfect for anyone looking to decorate without using synthetic materials. According to TikToker @angscraftsncreations, you can create your own macrame feathers with macrame cord, scissors, fabric spray, and a driftwood branch to display your artwork. 

Since macrame is versatile, choose the material that best suits your needs. For feathers, cord that's 2 mm thick is ideal, although the tutorial uses 3 mm. If you want a polished feather, be sure to brush your cord out after you complete this project. You should also consider purchasing a nontoxic fabric stiffener spray, such as Aleene's. You can buy a bottle of it for $9, spraying your completed macrame feather to help it keep its shape. You'll also need to display your feathers in your home somehow, and driftwood branches are ideal. You can purchase a five-piece bundle of 10"  16" driftwood branches on Etsy for $21.50, perfect for creating multiple wall coverings. 

Create your macrame feather

To create one of the trendiest home decor ideas yourself, begin by cutting your macrame cord. You'll need a long piece for your feather's center and smaller pieces to create the body of the feather. Remember to cut your center cord twice as long as you need, as you'll want to fold it in half to make a loop for displaying your feather once this project is complete. The length you use depends on the size feather you want. Once you have your material ready to go, use painter's tape to keep your central cord in place while working. Since macrame is a series of knots, you'll want to connect your shorter pieces to the central macrame cord so they face left and right, just like real feathers. 

When your entire central cord is covered with smaller pieces, you'll want to brush your macrame to create a feathered effect. You can purchase a macrame brush on Amazon for $9 or use a pet brush if you already have one in the house. After you do this, you'll want to trim your macrame to create the shape of a feather — just be sure to have sharp scissors for this. 

Next, place your macrame on a paper towel or an old piece of fabric. Use fabric stiffener, spraying your feather on both sides. This helps your craft keep its shape. After it's dry and you've crafted several feathers, simply display them from a piece of driftwood!