This Supersized Headboard Trend Is The Bedroom Addition Of The Moment

If you spend any time thumbing through interior design magazines or simply scrolling through DIY Instagram pages, you've probably noticed one element in bedroom designs standing out more than ever before, and we mean that literally. Oversized headboards are quickly becoming a must-have fixture for any boudoir worth its sheets. The look can be achieved in a ton of different ways, from stylish tufted headboards with ornate crests, or the headboard may be an extension of the entire wall, extending across both sides of the room, complete with custom-fitted cabinets. But they all share the same design philosophy: bigger is better when it comes to headboards. 

In previous years, stripped-down wooden and wrought-iron bed frames and headboards dominated interior design. These tend to favor minimalist, naturalist, and traditional silhouettes and are in proportion to the size of the bed itself. But thanks to the boom in maximalism and dopamine decor, and as more folks make their bedroom feel like a luxury hotel, oversized headboards have stolen the show. And it's not just the sheer size that makes these headboards eye-catching, but also the use of unique silhouettes, textured fabrics, bold patterns, and so on. These elements make the headboards feel less like functional, commonplace objects, but stand out as either artistic or architectural elements in themselves. 

Oversized headboards ooze luxury

If you're keen to try out the oversized headboard trend, take a page from boutique hotel design. Here, headboards serve as more than just an extension of the bed frame, but often incorporate the bed, nightstands, and wall fixtures to become a part of an accent wall. Instead of limiting yourself to the size of the bed, extend the headboard out a few feet in any direction. You can build the headboard upward to create a canopy effect, to the sides to highlight the width of the room, or both! 

In the photo above, tufted pillars have been covered in a matching fabric to the bed frame and nailed to a large board that sits behind the actual bed, and floating nightstands and outlets are fixed to the exposed wood elements. We love how grand and luxurious this makes the bed look, but also how practical this is for the day-to-day and to save floor space. Using the same fabric for both the bed frame and headboard makes a custom-built piece feel seamless and high-end. If you do go for the luxury hotel-style oversized headboard, try to use wall colors and bedding that won't pull too much focus. When any piece of furniture in your home takes up this much room and in this aesthetic, you want to be sure it's the first thing people notice, but not the only thing.

Don't be afraid to be bold

If you lean a little less luxury hotel and a little more boho-chic and quirky, the statement headboard trend is still definitely doable. But instead of focusing on size, custom-fitted cabinetry, and matching fabrics, try to think outside the box of what a traditional headboard should be. Traditional bed frames tend to be rounded half-circles or rectangles. Consider using a more elaborate shape like the two elongated arches seen in the photo above, or perhaps something asymmetrical. 

You can also experiment with unexpected fabric choices. As an example, shag fur provides playful movement and wonderful texture, and crushed velvet looks wonderfully soft but can play light off of it in interesting, unexpected ways. Take a note from dopamine decor and use playful patterns — there are hundreds of options from retailers like Spoonflower, which specializes in bold, cheeky fabric patterns. If you decide to go for this style of oversized headboard, think of it as an attention-grabbing piece of art and a fun way to express your unique sense of style. In a piece by Homes and Gardens, designer Andrew Martin shared the advice for these oversized headboards, saying, "Don't be afraid to choose a more outlandish style, as this only adds more character." Basically, have some fun with this trend, and lean into your more fun-loving style.