Two Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades You Can't Go Wrong With

Remember when colorful cabinets were in style? People ran to cover their neutral kitchen cupboards in bright hues. While stylish, the appeal of such a niche look always fades and before you know it, you're stripping the paint to get back your classic cabinets. When choosing the right kitchen cabinet style for your space, you want a design that won't become outdated in a year or two. Beadboard and glass cabinet fronts are two gorgeous styles that stand the test of time.

While both cabinet upgrades are timeless designs, they each have their own unique style. Beadboard cabinets have a homey, rustic feel to them with the vertical tongue-and-groove pattern. Glass doors are elegant, a bougie older sister of sorts, with their windows and framing. If you're looking to upgrade your cabinets, we've narrowed the choices down to where you can't make a mistake. Both doors complement an array of interior designs and aren't going out of style anytime soon.

Beadboard cabinets are simple and chic

Beadboard cabinets add a touch of texture to your kitchen, but don't overwhelm the space. The look of vertical paneling creates a pattern on the cabinetry that turns the storage space into a focal point. The border frame around the paneling also adds another layer of dimension that really makes the doors stand out. Further, you can customize the beadboard fronts by choosing different widths between the grooves for larger or smaller vertical slates. Larger boards have a more subtle design and are great for compact kitchens. 

Apart from style, beadboard cupboards are also practical. They hide minor imperfections, like fingerprints and scratches, better than other cabinet doors. So you might want to match your bathroom vanity with beadboard doors, too. This cabinet type is perfect for your cottage, farmhouse, traditional, or Scandinavian-style kitchen. You can easily swap out your cabinet doors for beadboard inserts or do a DIY upgrade by adhering beadboard panels, like this Beaded Wall Panel from Lowe's, to your existing cabinet fronts. Or perhaps you'd prefer something a little more modern.

Glass-front cabinets are modern and elegant

If cozy isn't your style but regal suits your fancy, then look no further than glass-front kitchen cabinets. The transparent windows create the illusion of depth, which is an excellent way to make a small kitchen feel larger. They also break up the solid look of standard cabinetry and offer a bright, eye-catching twist. Glass cabinet doors will look great in your kitchen whether you have an ultra-modern space or super traditional. Plus, they are a better alternative to trendy open shelving because you still get to put your dishware on display and it's protected from dust and grease splatter, which is inevitable in the kitchen.

Further, when you want something new but still timeless, there are several ways to spruce up your glass kitchen cabinets, from different window textures to stained glass. Just like with the beadboard fronts, you can keep your cabinet box and switch the doors to upgrade your cupboards. You can also DIY glass fronts, but it is a permanent change since you'll need to cut out the interior of the cabinet door and add a window.