Create Additional Kitchen Cabinet Space With TikTok's Brilliant Dollar Tree DIY

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If there's one thing that every kitchen can use more of, it's cabinet space. It doesn't matter what size your home is — it often feels like every square inch of kitchen storage is accounted for. This can quickly lead to cluttered cabinets that make finding an item a chore. But @capture_india, a TikToker with a keen eye for the best way to organize your kitchen cabinets, offers some genius tips for straightening up your space. You can use Dollar Tree over-the-counter towel bars and wire dish drying racks to instantly add storage space to your cabinet's door. This hack is ideal for renters since there's no drilling required. It's also great for anyone who needs a fast, inexpensive solution for freeing up coveted cabinet space. 

Since everything is available at the Dollar Tree, you won't spend much to carry out this home organization project. You can buy Essentials Adjustable Over-the-Counter Towel Bars and Essentials White Wire Dish Drying Racks for $1.25 each. Since this project costs $2.50 per cabinet, you can use it to organize as few or as many as you like. Just be mindful of closing your cabinets after completing this hack, as you don't want the storage on the back of your doors to prevent them from closing if you have dinner plates or other large items on your shelves.

How to organize your kitchen cabinets with Dollar Tree purchases

This Dollar Tree hack for DIY kitchen storage organization is as simple as adding a towel rack over your cabinet and suspending the wire drying rack from it. In @capture_india's TikTok video, this makeshift storage space is used to stash items like aluminum foil, Ziploc bags, parchment paper, and anything else that's long and rectangular, but you can use it for whatever you see fit. For example, you might want to store hand towels here, rolling them longways so they stay snugly inside the wire rack. 

However, one person on TikTok asked if this trick would scratch or even damage the cabinets. The towel racks can easily slide around, which might cause superficial scratching or even paint flakes. If this is a concern, you can always protect your doors by placing a small piece of cabinet liner underneath your towel rack. You can purchase a roll on Amazon for $18 and cut it to make the length and width you need. Just be sure to cut each strip long enough so your towel bars are covered in their entirety and voila! You'll have additional cabinet storage that won't ruin your wood finish. Once you get inspired by these perfectly organized kitchen cabinet ideas, you'll be looking for new Dollar Tree hacks to tidy up the rest of your home.