TikTok Is Wild About This Stackable Dollar Tree Storage Item

Organizing a space can often require buying new bins, baskets, dividers, and more to whip things into shape. That impulse to make your home tidier can lead to a ton of unexpected costs, as a result. Luckily, TikTokers have tracked down a product that costs very little but does a lot β€” the mini collapsible storage baskets from Dollar Tree. The smart design makes them an especially great storage solution for small spaces when in use, but they can also stow away without taking up much space when they're not being used. And at $1.25 per bin, they're a total steal.

Not to mention, these collapsible bins are versatile and can be used in so many ways around the house. TikToker @lemon_balm80 employs these Dollar Tree finds as the perfect staircase "drop zone" to collect items that need to be shuttled from downstairs to upstairs. One bin per family member keeps small, everyday items corralled and easily accessible.

Other TikTokers, like @sensationalfinds, have sung the praises of a different version of the collapsible basket β€” one that is slightly larger, stacks easily, and boasts a handle for easy carrying. While this version of the basket isn't available for purchase on Dollar Tree's website, it's possible they could still be floating around at a location near you. But if you're out of luck, other retailers offer comparable products, but at a higher cost. For example, this Chailin Collapsible Storage Crate from Walmart costs $8.99 per piece.

Tips for personalizing your storage crates

While these containers from Dollar Tree are both affordable and practical, they don't come in a wide variety of colors. To make them match your style, try spray painting them for a different look. You can use different solid colors that coordinate with your current interior design, or you can even try painting them in different metallic finishes, like silver or gold. Make your spray paint project a breeze by choosing a paint that will adhere well to the plastic containers. Rust-Oleum's Painter's Touch 2x Spray Paint is a great choice available for about $6 at Home Depot. It comes in a wide variety of colors and includes paint and primer in one to ensure a durable finish.

You can also spruce up these crates with other affordable items from Dollar Tree. For example, these basket labels are $1.25 for a pack of three and have a hook that hangs perfectly on the edge of each bin. Write or draw on the labels to signify what they hold, where they go, or who they're for. These felt organizer trays in the small and medium size can also be used to create more sections within the bins. The additional subsections would be especially useful for keeping office or crafting items organized β€” such as pens, pencils, markers, or paint brushes.