12 Budget-Friendly IKEA Essentials To Make Your Bathroom Work For Any Age

Few rooms need to be as adaptable as the bathroom, especially if it's being shared by friends and family of all ages. Creating a bathroom where a little one can master the skills of potty training, Grandma can take a relaxing shower, and you can escape to try and trim your own bangs is no small feat. When you look at how to make this room in your home safer for seniors as well as young children, a lot of the suggestions can be extremely pricy, like replacing your tub with a walk-in shower or installing brand-new sinks and vanities that are easier to reach. Luckily, instead of splurging on one of these permanent updates, there are plenty of budget-friendly items that will help make your bathroom safe for all ages at IKEA. 

IKEA provides super functional and often easy-to-install items that can make your bathroom that much more accessible, organized, and even fun for your family. From colorful shower curtain designs to non-slip bath mats and ideal lighting solutions, we've found 12 of IKEA's best budget-friendly bathroom products to make this space into a safe haven for the young, the old, and the in-between. In fact, every item on our list costs less than $40, showing that a family-safe bathroom doesn't need to cost you a fortune. As a heads up, some items like grab rails and shower seats are not currently available from IKEA, but these features are also essential for bathroom safety. 

1. TISKEN bathroom hooks

As we age throughout our lifetime, we start out small, then grow tall, and then shrink again. That's why suction cup-mounted bars, baskets, and hooks are perfect for an accessible bathroom for all ages. The TISKEN hooks can be attached to a tiled wall or mirror, and you can simply adjust the height for each family member as they age. Hang your bath and hand towels from the hooks or add the basket, bar, or soap dish (sold separately) to hold other bathroom essentials. The TISKEN line can be purchased from IKEA starting at $2.99 for a two-pack of hooks. 

2. FÖRSIKTIG bathroom stool

No all-age friendly bathroom is complete without a small step stool. They allow little ones to safely and stably reach the top of the vanity and sink. But be sure to get one that can hold a fair bit of weight, because you'll be surprised how often you may want to use it, too. The step stool can also help you reach items stored up high and clean hard-to-reach spaces. The FÖRSIKTIG stool is an excellent choice thanks to its non-slip bottom and top for extra safety. Buy the FÖRSIKTIG stool from IKEA for $4.99. 

3. SNÖJONKVILL: A colorful but aesthetically-pleasing shower curtain

When you're designing a bathroom for multiple age groups, you may think entirely about function, but don't forget to have a little fun with your design choices as well. We love a colorful shower curtain with a playful but sophisticated design that every age group will love, and the SNÖJONKVILL shower curtain is a great choice. It balances an abstract image of plants on a checkered background with lots of vibrant colors. Besides, in a bathroom shared by all ages, you want as much privacy as possible. IKEA sells the SNÖJONKVILL shower curtain for $9.99. 

4. SKÅDIS pegboard for easy organization

Nothing says IKEA bathroom storage hack like the SKÅDIS pegboard. Keep the kid's bath toys on the lower pegs and everything else that you or other adults use higher up. Ensure you store dangerous items such as razors or scissors on the highest pegs to keep them out of reach from young ones. This is also a good system to use if you (or your little one) can never seem to find your things when they're tucked away in cabinets and storage containers. The SKÅDIS pegboard is available at IKEA for $27.99, and accessories are sold separately starting at $2. 

5. MARIUS low-to-the-ground stool

In addition to a step stool, consider adding the MARIUS stool to your bathroom to make it more friendly for all ages. Anyone can sit on this seat to take a load off or make the process of putting on socks, shoes, and jeans when getting dressed less strenuous. Little ones can also pop on this seat while you do their hair or trim their nails. However, keep in mind that this stool is not designed to be a shower seat — instead, place it in the corner of the room. The MARIUS stool can be purchased from IKEA for $4.99. 

6. DOPPA bath tub mat

No matter the age, everyone faces the risk of slipping in the bathtub. To reduce that chance, add a DOPPA tub mat to the floor of your tub and/or shower. This mat adheres to the surface of your bath or shower so it doesn't move around, and the top has a textured surface that keeps all feet (and bottoms) nice and stable. This simple addition to the tub can prevent lots of slips. Prevent mildew buildup on the bathmat by hanging it over a hook or towel rack between uses. Purchase the DOPPA mat from IKEA for $9.49. 

7. VALLAMOSSE height-adjustable shower head

Shower heads aren't all created equally, and to make a bathroom that's friendly for every age, you've got to opt for a height-adjustable shower head like the VALLAMOSSE. These allow whoever is in the shower to easily adjust the height and direction of the water stream to their liking. The VALLAMOSSE head can even be unholstered for a more accurate, precise water flow. Changing an outdated shower head is also a relatively simple project, and most homeowners can do it themselves without the help of a professional. IKEA's VALLAMOSSE shower head can be purchased for $32.99. 

8. MITTLED cordless lighting

Bathroom lighting can be quite limited, often consisting only of an overhead light and nothing more. This can be a problem during the dark hours of the night and especially for the elderly, whose eyesight typically worsens over time, making it difficult for them to move around the bathroom and find items. To remedy this, install MITTLED under-cabinet mountable light strips under mirrors or cabinets to help everyone easily see. Buy a set of MITTLED light strips from IKEA for $19.99, keeping in mind that you'll also need to purchase the LED driver, connection cord, and power cord separately.

9. MÖRKRÄDD night lights with sensors

Who enjoys turning on the bathroom lights in the middle of the night? Nobody. To make nocturnal bathroom trips less difficult for all ages, plug a motion-detecting light into your bathroom outlets, like the MÖRKRÄDD. These handy night lights cast a soft, warm glow that illuminates the floor or vanity enough that anyone can easily use the bathroom at night. It will also help sleepy bathroom goers find the light switch to the main overhead light if needed. IKEA offers a two-pack of MÖRKRÄDD lights for $5.99. 

10. KÄRRKNIPPROT bathmat with non-slip backing

Bathmats are essential in every bathroom but are especially crucial for spaces used by a large number of friends and family. To keep your bathroom safe for children and elders, you definitely want to invest in bathmats with non-slip backings. One such option is the floral pattern KÄRRKNIPPROT mat, which features a latex backing and plush top. This means that even when the bathroom is wet and steamy, these mats won't go anywhere. Feet can also rest comfortably on the cushioned side. The KÄRRKNIPPROT bathmat is available from IKEA for $14.99. 

11. STOPP FILT rug underlay

Have a rug that you already love or want to use in your bathroom? Make it safer for the space by slipping a STOPP FILT rug underlay beneath it. It can be cut to fit a variety of shapes and sizes, collects dust and debris, can easily be machine-washed as needed, and of course prevents unfortunate slips in the bathroom. Customers reviewed this mat as being great on laminate, tiled, and hardwood floors, so it's compatible with many flooring types. Snag a STOPP FILT rug underlay from IKEA to upgrade your slippery bathroom rug for $13.99. 

12. BEGRIPA easy-to-grip cupboard handles

Take a look at your bathroom cabinets and their handles. Picture trying to open them without full control of your hands, like you're wearing a pair of mittens. If the handles are non-existent or too small, this task can be very frustrating. Children without fully-developed motor skills and elders with limited mobility may face this issue. Replace your cabinet handles with easy-to-grip, easy-to-see BEGRIPA handles to make daily tasks that much easier and comfortable for all ages. A two-pack of BEGRIPA handles can be purchased from IKEA for $7 in yellow, pink, blue, purple, or white