TikTok's Wreath Storage Solution Will Help You Store Your Collection On A Budget

Whatever the season, wreaths can be one of the most popular decorative items found in many people's homes, whether they are traditional holiday trimmings or summery rings of greenery or grapevine. They can often be quite large, and if you organize and store your wreaths somewhere in your home off-season like a basement or garage, they can quickly pile up, with only a fraction of the collection in use at any one time. Internet DIYers are flush with suggestions on how to store wreaths, from finding places to hang them on the wall to tucking them away in plastic bins. TikTok user @gerardfamilywreaths, however, has a clever solution involving an inexpensive hanging rack and pipe cleaners that offers perfect mobile storage for a large number of wreaths.

Hanging up your wreaths is a great way to maintain them in good condition, preventing hazards like pests, and crushing damage to foliage and ribbons that can often befall wreaths in storage. You can purchase a double-level storage rack on casters from places like Target and Amazon for under $30, making this a budget-friendly alternative to other storage means like boxes and bins designed specifically for wreaths that take up valuable shelf space.

Using a clothing rack for wreath storage

To create your DIY hanging wreath rack, simply tie the top of each wreath to the pole of the rack securely using pipe cleaners, floral wire, or zip ties. This will allow the wreaths to hang with ample space between them to prevent mustiness and crushing. You can also place sheets of bubble wrap between each wreath for additional protection if they are particularly fragile or may snag on each other.

Most wardrobe racks come on wheels, which means you can move them easily from room to room to go where you need to. This is a great solution if you lack the wall space or ability to hang your wreaths directly on the wall. It's also perfect for those crafters who make wreaths, offering an easy craft room storage idea and a chic display rack at craft fairs and markets. Placing wreaths on a rack makes it very easy to see what you have at a single glance when you are decorating your home.  

Keeping wreaths protected off-season

TikTok user @gerardfamilywreaths uses a double rack with two tiers for hanging, but you can also use a single rail model, which particularly great if you want to use the underneath area for bins storing other decorative items. The rack can simply sit flush against the wall above. A rack is also a great trick for storing other similar items like garlands and swags. Just loop your garland or trim over a hanger and hang on the rack. You can also use it to hang your holiday light strands for a tangle-free winter season. 

To protect your wreaths and other items even more (especially if your garage or basement is a humid or damp environment), try wrapping the wreath in plastic or placing them inside trash or protective garment bags to keep them safe, dry, and off the ground. If your budget is larger, you can also buy bags specifically designed for wreaths. Add scented sachets or cedar chips nearby to keep insects like moths from devouring delicate elements like lace, dried flowers, feathers, and velvet ribbons. A dusting of cinnamon can also help keep pests out of holiday decorations.