TikTok Cleaning Professional Swears By This Product When Tackling Grimy Walls

You have to be careful about damaging paint when cleaning your interior walls. Certain cleaning products, like ammonia, can break paint down and cause it to fade away over time. Luckily, paint-safe cleaning products allow homeowners to remove grime from walls safely, and TikTok cleaning professional @carecleaningservicessyd shared that sugar soap can help you get your walls clean, without damaging its paint.

This soap gets its name because it comes in a powdered formula that resembles sugar, but it's also available in liquid form. To this TikTok wall cleaning trick, you'll simply dilute sugar soap with the appropriate amount of warm water, dip a sponge mop inside, and wipe your walls down thoroughly. You do not need to purchase special equipment, and the sugar soap will last a long time since it is concentrated. If you are due for a wall cleaning session, consider making the switch to sugar soap.

What you'll need to clean your walls with sugar soap

Sugar soap not only keeps paint in place, but it also leaves walls free of soap residue. As a result, it is often used in the paint preparation process, as you must clean oils, buildup, and any other residue off of walls before priming and painting them. Since sugar soap is a staple for professional home painters, it's safe to say that it is trustworthy enough to use to clean the walls in your own home.

TikToker @carecleaningservicessyd shared a video revealing all of the materials you will need to clean your walls with sugar soap effectively. You can snag liquid sugar soap on Amazon for around $15. Powdered sugar soap is a bit cheaper, so it's a great option for those looking to save a few bucks. Simply mix the liquid or powder into warm water according to the measurements on your product's packaging. You'll also need a sponge mop and a rectangular mop bucket.

How this TikTok wall cleaning trick works

In a separate video, @carecleaningservicessyd broke down what you'll need to do for this TikTok wall cleaning trick. First, you'll need to move the mop across your walls, working from top to bottom. Don't forget to wring out any excess cleaning solution as you go. You can also use the mop to clean corners and baseboards, but this might not be enough to remove particularly stubborn scuffs and stains from them.

For tougher baseboard scuffs, use a Magic Eraser dampened with a mixture of water and dish soap. Do this after cleaning your walls so that you don't need to clean them twice — extra cleaning liquid from the walls will likely end up on top of your baseboards, so you'll need to wipe them down after your wall cleaning either way. You can grab a six-pack of Magic Erasers on Amazon for around $5.