Try This Easy IKEA Hack To Turn Picture Ledges Into A Stylish Side Table

Knowing how to modify your IKEA furniture is the secret to upgrading your home from basic to chic. The way we see it, what came out of the box as a simple shelf or desk always has the potential to become something else that's more functional and stylish. For example, BILLY bookcases can be turned upside down and combined with HAVSTA cabinets to create an elevated floor-to-ceiling storage solution. Similarly, we found this IKEA hack that transforms MOSSLANDA picture ledges into an elegant side table. The ledges cost $15 a piece and come in black, walnut brown, white, and white stained pine (via IKEA). All you need to do is interlock two ledges, adhere them together, and then adhere a marble tray to the top.

Being innovative with your home decor has many benefits for you and the environment. It saves a lot of money because you can reuse items from around the house. You won't always have to bust out your wallet for new decor, and you will get the most out of the pieces you've already purchased. For the environment, it means fewer items that have to go through the waste disposal and management process and less trash that ends up in landfills.

How it works, what we think, and a better alternative

The creator in this Instagram video took two MOSSLANDA ledges, interlocked them, adhered them together with mounting adhesive, and then placed the unit on the floor horizontally. Next, she applied the adhesive to the top, attached the marble tray, and trimmed it with a flower vase and mug on top. The hack technically works. However, we don't recommend it as an everyday table because it might be unstable. The ledges appear very lightweight, making a weak base for the structure. It will be easy for the table to tip over.

If you do want to try this hack, we suggest that you use it strictly as a decorative side table and keep its contents light. For instance, you can place a small plant or art piece on the tabletop instead of using it industriously to hold your coffee or items you need while sitting on the couch. You should also keep it in an area of the room where there isn't a lot of foot traffic to reduce the chance of it being knocked over. A wall or corner in the back of your living room where you can still see it and appreciate it would be ideal. For a more sturdy side table, try out this other IKEA hack, which elevates the look of basic side tables, or this hack, which crafts a side table from old books.