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The Clever Dollar Tree Cabinet Hack That Unlocks Extra Home Storage

We've all been there: you open your cabinets, only to find they're in need of an organizational makeover. But what if you simply don't have the room to stash all your items? You don't have to throw belongings out (unless you really want to go all KonMari on your house). Instead, head to the Dollar Tree for one unexpected staple: foam phone grips. That's right: the easiest way to make your home more organized requires just a few expandable phone holders. All you have to do is place them in any cluttered cabinets and voila! You'll have a tons of extra storage in no time. 

The Dollar Tree sells a 5-pack of fruit-themed phone grips and stands for $1.25. To up your cabinet game, attach these phone holders everywhere you see fit. For example, you can use them in your bedroom. They work great inside a wardrobe or in a closet, hanging bras or wristlets from them. You can also use these phone grips to organize your kitchen. Place them inside cabinets and hang drawstring produce bags from them. You can then store tea bags, oatmeal packets, individually wrapped snacks for the kiddos, and so much more. Since they're fruit-themed, you might want to use them on your cabinet's exterior, adding whimsy to your kitchen decor. Once you start using these multifunctional phone grips, you'll see why they're one of the best way to organize your kitchen cabinets. And since they're affordable, you can use them all over the house!

Other ways to use these phone grips

There are tons of other ways to organize your home with these phone grips. If you want to sort out your bathroom, pop one of these phone grips inside your bathroom vanity, keeping hair dryers and curling irons neat and tidy. You can even use them for jewelry, as shown in @clutterbug_ytb's TikTok video. The other thing mentioned is that you can alter these organizational tools to match any color scheme if you decide to display them outside of your cabinets. 

Just be mindful that any type of strong adhesive might affect your cabinet's finish. If you're a renter, be careful when using hacks that might ruin any part of your home, or else you might jeopardize your deposit. If you want to use phone grips on your cabinet's exterior, as @clutterbug_ytb showed in the video, you can always paint them a variety of colors to complement your decor. Since the fruit shapes on these Dollar Tree items might not be suitable for this upgrade, you can always buy plain phone grips on Amazon. You can purchase a 9-pack for $7.50, keeping this hack affordable. The best paint for plastic is acrylic, so be sure to look for this when decorating. You can buy acrylic paint for $3 a bottle on Amazon. You can even use this hack in entryways, using them to store keychains, lanyards, and hats with ease! As with any Dollar Store DIY project, there's no shortage of ways to get creative.