The Top Performing Countertop Paint Kit Based On Reviews

When it comes to home improvement, there's always another project to be done. One such renovation project that you can DIY in a weekend that will make a big impact in your home is upgrading the countertops in your kitchen or bathroom. Of course, this can be done by replacing them with new countertops, but if you want to save some money, you could try painting them instead. Not only is painting a fun DIY project, but it can give you the look of granite countertops (or another material) for a fraction of the cost. An easy way to do this is by using a countertop paint kit, and after scouring the internet for a product with the highest reviews, it appears that the Giani Granite 2.0 Countertop Paint Kit is the best product for the job. It's well-liked on Amazon with a current over 4 star rating out of over 20,000 reviews.

This highly-rated countertop paint kit comes with just about everything you need to get the look of granite countertops for way less. It includes a base coat, paints, an acrylic topcoat, paint roller, paint sponge, foam brush, practice board, and instructions. For about $100, this kit is an affordable alternative to replacing your countertops and is an easy project to tackle over the weekend. If you're curious and possibly want to try it out for yourself, read on to learn more about how to use it and what reviewers have to say about the product.

How to use the Giani Countertop Paint Kit

The Giani Countertop Paint Kit is designed to work on formica, corian, ceramic tile, butcher block, cultured marble, traditional granite, and laminate countertops to give them a new look. So, if you're wondering whether you can paint laminate countertops with this kit, the answer is yes. One kit contains materials to cover 35 square feet, which is enough for the average kitchen countertop area. The product is also water-based and has low VOCs, making it safe for use indoors. 

While the kit comes with most everything you need to get started, it's also recommended that you have a few additional materials on hand: a Brillo pad, paint tray, pencil, small paint brush, acrylic caulk, paper plates, painter's tape, and paper towels. To get started, you'll need to thoroughly clean your countertops with a cleaning agent and Brillo pad to remove any grease that could prevent the paint from adhering. Then, tape off all the areas surrounding your countertops such as the backsplash, cabinets, appliances, and sink to protect them. From there, you're ready to apply the base coat, paint colors, and top coat according to the instructions. Finally, caulk the areas around your sink, backsplash, and appliances to give your countertops a clean, finished look.

What customers have to say

There are tons of positive reviews that praise this countertop paint kit on Amazon's website. One customer's review says, "I really love this product. I used it on my countertops and people can't believe it's not real stone. It is as beautiful as it seems in photos... My biggest compliment is that it is very forgiving. Once you have the paint on, if it doesn't have the look you want, you can easily wipe it off, not affecting the areas around it." Another customer was very satisfied, saying, "I couldn't afford actual granite; however, after doing some research, I found that Giani was an affordable and beautiful alternative. They came out amazingly well."

However, while many customers love the look of their painted countertops, there is some concern about how well they hold up over time. One person says, "I was very impressed with this kit at first... However, within a few months the paint started to peel off." Despite having mixed reviews, this countertop paint kit is a great way to transform your countertops. To try and keep the paint from peeling, be as gentle as possible with the surface and only clean it with mild cleaners. Because the positives seem to outweigh the negatives for most people, the Giani Countertop Paint Kit seems like a worthwhile product to try.