Lower Your Summer Energy Bill & Enjoy Cooler Temperatures With A Must-Know Tip

How are you preparing your home for the summer heat? You might be bringing out your fans from storage, brushing up on some AC efficiency tips, or thinking of how to maximize airflow through your indoor spaces. Something else that can go a long way in keeping your home cool, perhaps one you never thought of, is to tint your home windows. Adding that layer of film will reduce the effect of the sun on your home's interior and lessen the heat that you feel inside.

It's important to note that a window film and a window tint are slightly different. A film is a thin layer of a material like laminate that can be applied to the window for various reasons, while a tint is a window film that has been dyed for the purpose of sun blocking. Interestingly, window tinting keeps out the heat while a window film is effective at keeping in heat so if you're applying a tint, know that it won't help in winter. You'll need to change the film or find other ways to insulate your windows.

Tinted windows

Windows are a big cause of indoor heat because of the sunlight that hits them. That's why it's a good move to bring down window treatments like blinds or curtains during the day. Window tinting or the application of window films is another window treatment strategy, but it requires a lot less effort and will always be in place. In addition to blocking the heat and saving on energy bills, window tinting also helps to lessen the fading on the furniture, artwork, and other delicate accessories inside the home that is caused by overexposure to sun. This helps you save the cost of replacing such items.

Privacy and style are other perks of home window tinting. They add a little more visual interest to your home from the outside and, just like car windows, tinted home windows offer some privacy and security since people won't be able to peep through and see what's inside.

How to shop for window tint products

When buying a window tint product, pick the product that works best with your type of window glass. Window tints don't work with double pane windows, for example, because it can damage them. In this case, you can use solar screens which go on the outside of the window. You should also look for the one that meets your specific needs because they all work differently. For the purpose of enjoying cooler temperatures and lowering your summer energy bill, seek out a tint that keeps out heat and if you want UV protection for your indoor items or a layer that's more for security, make sure it offers that too.

The $26 KESPEN one-way tinted film sold on Amazon is a popular product that is a great example of this. It comes in a variety of colors, is easy to install and remove, and is great at blocking the sun and UV rays. However, it offers privacy only during the day and not at night when the lights are on. So if privacy isn't a big priority and you're just trying to keep those energy bills down this summer, this is perfect for you.