The IKEA Hack You Need To Increase Storage Space And Keep Your Pantry Organized

If you struggle to maintain a perfectly organized kitchen pantry, you are probably already familiar with many of the methods that are commonly used to keep this storage space neat. You may have tried out organization bins, dividers, or simply grouping your kitchen essentials by category to help eliminate clutter. These tools are often helpful, but you might start to notice your kitchen pantry gradually becoming more and more unorganized as you and your family remove and add items to the space. Installing the IKEA MAXIMERA drawers, sold for $42, is a more permanent solution. You can add the sliding drawers to your pantry to help sort your items and access them more easily.

Regular pantry shelves are not quite as efficient as the IKEA MAXIMERA drawers. If you place items toward the back of the shelves, it can be difficult to see them. You may forget that you even stored those things if they are pushed too far out of sight. The IKEA drawers slide out, so you can see all of your kitchen essentials at once. With this hack, you can say goodbye to poking through your pantry to grab those out-of-reach items.

The IKEA MAXIMERA drawers simplify pantry organization

The IKEA MAXIMERA drawers will help you secretly add more storage to your kitchen because you can install two of these in the taller sections of your pantry to create two layers of pantry space in each section. This will allow you to store more items in one section of the pantry without having to stack things directly on top of one another. The IKEA drawers also make it easier to spot exactly what you are looking for. They include a track so that the drawers can slide out smoothly. This makes it possible for you to grab what you need without having to reach deep into your pantry.

In browsing the IKEA website, you will find that there are a variety of sizes of the MAXIMERA drawer, which makes it easier to find a size that is compatible with your pantry. The 24 by 24-inch size is low enough that you should be able to get a good view of the items you store in the drawer. This may be a good option if it is otherwise compatible with your cabinet. As with many IKEA pieces, there are a few components you can purchase to enhance these drawers. For example, the UPPDATERA divider would help you separate your items.

Tips for installing the IKEA MAXIMERA drawers

Before installing the IKEA MAXIMERA drawers in your pantry, you will need to take measurements to make the appropriate size selection. After you collect your measurements of the interior of your pantry, decide how many drawers you will need. You might choose to purchase only one or two drawers so that you can continue to use the standard shelving in the rest of your pantry. Alternatively, you may opt to use drawers in place of all your existing shelving.

Once you have selected the right drawer size and determined how many drawers will be installed, it should be pretty simple to complete the project yourself. You will need to start out by drilling the glides into place in your pantry. These are already included with the IKEA MAXIMERA drawers, so you do not need to purchase them separately. You should then be able to slide the drawers onto the glides. After you have completed this project, you might find that the IKEA MAXIMERA drawers are one of the best ways to organize your pantry.