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Turn A Dollar Tree Wine Bottle Holder Into The Perfect Organized Storage Solution

Dollar Tree is known far and wide for its inexpensive and multi-functional goods, often put to unique use by internet DIYers who regularly show off their clever projects incorporating the retailer's budget-friendly homewares and supplies. One recently offered item is making waves on the internet. Their Home Essentials wine bottle holders, large stackable bins designed to hold bottles safely and on their side, have been proving useful for all sorts of organization projects. Many TikTok users have been repurposing these sturdy plastic bins for all variety of cool uses, including stackable storage from everything from pencils to hair tools.

While the organizers may be out of stock at your local Dollar Tree due to demand, you can find similar ones on Amazon and Walmart that are a little more expensive but similar in design and use. Because of their low price, you can buy many, and these Dollar Tree DIY elements definitely come in handy in more places than you can imagine, including home offices, closets, and more.

Repurposing Dollar Tree wine holders

TikTok user @ashley_followtheblonde shows how these handy bins make perfect additions to your workspace, art studio, or craft room setup, where these stackable units are an ideal place to store pens, markers, and other long supplies on a desk, shelf or table. These bins would also be great for holding paint brushes, rolls of contact paper or vinyl, spools of ribbon, or skeins of yarn. They work similarly well in a space like a bathroom, where you can use them for stowing rolled towels, hair tools, cosmetic tubes or pencils, makeup brushes, or spare shampoo bottles.

In a closet, they are perfect for stashing rolled socks or pairs of ballet flats, headbands, or other small accessories on a shelf. Even if you do not fill them with wine in the kitchen, there are a number of other great uses, including holding large tumblers or water bottles on a counter or in a cupboard. You can also stow rolls of foil, plastic wrap, parchment paper, or trash bags under the sink. For perfectly organized cabinets, use them as an easy way to stow large cans or cylinder canisters.

Customizing your bins

Customize your Dollar Tree wine storage bins by adding some paint or other accents to the exterior. Just sand down the plastic to create a bit more of a matte surface, then prime and paint using your favorite color. You can also wrap them in decorative paper or fabric for a bit of pattern or texture. Wrap them in twine secured with hot glue for a rustic textured basket look.

Not just for storage, these bins can also be used to create decorative items as well, including a beautiful dining room centerpiece that places two of them end to end secured with hot glue, as demonstrated by TikTok user @specialcreationsbynelly. Paint the exterior your favorite color, then add accents to the outside like word art, appliques, or ribbon. Fill the inside of the joined bins with Dollar Tree floral foam and plants or greenery. This project would also make a great window box or porch railing box for flowers if you punch a couple holes in the bottom to add drainage.