DIY Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Are Easy And Stylish

There is no better place to showcase a DIY project than a kitchen backsplash. Not only is it in a room that gets seen daily, but it can be an opportunity to breathe new air into the space in a way that feels unique and suits your personal style. Just like a bathroom or a laundry room, the kitchen is also a big home selling point, making it a great project for newbies and novices. 

If you're looking for some easy kitchen backsplash ideas that are stylish and simple to put together, we've got an option for every aesthetic. 

1. Laminate wood flooring

Wood flooring doesn't necessarily have to be on the floor. Placing it as a backsplash in a neutral kitchen can complement the rest of the space without much effort. Just be careful of how much wood there already is, so as not to crowd and make the room look smaller. If you already have wood features in the room but want even more, opt for different shades of wood to add contrast and dimension. 

2. Tile decal

With so many beautiful tile options out there, finding a pattern and design that fits your aesthetic is a near guarantee. But instead of a full tiling, add a statement piece in one area. Stick with a color pattern that matches the rest of the kitchen, go rogue and mix and match something different and unique, or pick your favorite shade for a pop of color that matches the rest of the kitchen. 

3. Subway tiles

Subway tiles are an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade a kitchen space. It is simple to apply, making room for fun patterns or even paint for a pop of color. You can coordinate it with the rest of the kitchen in the same shade, go for a high contrast hue, or leave it as it is to bring a clean and effortless look to the room. When in doubt, go with white, it's a popular choice for subway tile because of its ability to match the rest of the kitchen decor. 

4. Paint

If you don't want to mess with the tile application or prefer the simplest way to upgrade a backsplash that is easy and stylish, paint is the way to go. Bright, bold shades are an eye-catcher, while neutrals are essentially foolproof. While black may not be the first color that comes to mind when thinking about backsplashes for the kitchen, it adds a sense of drama and sophistication to the space. Go ahead and accent other items in the kitchen like the island or the cabinets to bring it all together. 

5. Seashells

Love the ocean? Marine fans can bring their love of the sea into the kitchen by making a kitchen backsplash made of seashells. If you have a jar or bottle full of shells and don't know how to display them, this is the perfect way to upcycle them. Creating a collage with them on the wall not only brings back fond memories, but lets you unleash your inner artist as well! 

6. Wallpaper

Using temporary wallpaper, like vinyl self-stick wallpaper, featuring patterns like faux brick or even subway tile, is an easy DIY project that doesn't take much time or money, and it can make a big impact in a simple kitchen. The biggest pluses for peel-and-stick wallpaper is that it's inexpensive and you can switch it out for another hue or print as soon as the mood strikes you. Leave the rest of the kitchen in creams and whites so the backsplash shines through.

7. Beadboard

Beadboard can be purchased and installed in different ways depending on your budget and the type of installation. Opt for a beadboard panel that can be cut to size, or go for planks that you need to apply individually for an even more custom design. You can leave them as-is for a natural look, or add a coat of paint for an even more exciting display.

8. Chalkboard

Want a fun backsplash that leaves room for on-demand creativity for the whole family? Go for a nostalgic chalkboard. The easy DIY design is fun for both adults and kids who love to doodle, write notes, or stay organized. Put reminders for the family, draw a picture that can be changed out, and let your imagination run wild. Make sure to have plenty of chalk on hand too! 

9. Cork

This decor idea utilizes recycled materials, and it's an undeniably unique aesthetic. Wine bottle corks give a natural texture and can be positioned in either orientation. Or, if saving up wine corks for a backsplash mosaic sounds like too much time and effort, opt for a corkboard where you can stick reminders or favorite recipes on demand. 

10. Metallic

Whether it's metal roofing tiles, gold tiles, or a mixture of both, a metallic backsplash adds a tasteful shimmer to the kitchen. You can choose the tile color or finish to match the metallic appliances, or opt for opposite metallics for a more dynamic look. It's an easy kitchen project too, as there are plenty of peel-and-stick tiles that can go over existing backsplashes.

11. Speckled stone

If your kitchen style is less structured and more abstract, opting for a speckled stone backsplash is one way to go. While the material is heavy, there is plenty of room for uneven surfaces and clustered colors, which allows some DIY mistakes to blend in and look like part of the design. Go for a neutral color pattern to match simple kitchen decor, or opt for multi-colors if you like it more vibrant.

12. Marble contact paper

Marble can be expensive and heavy, which is why it's not the first choice when it comes to easy kitchen backsplashes. However, you can DIY your own faux marble with peel-and-stick options. This is a great solution and an easy way to add sophistication and cleanliness to the kitchen. Contact paper is readily available, with a variety of design patterns that are bound to fit your style. White, gray, and black are popular choices, which fit well with any kitchen decor. 

13. Stencil design

For artists who like to display their work, a stencil backsplash is an easy, creative way to bring life into the kitchen. Use stencils to paint directly on the existing backsplash or drywall and secure it with painter's tape. Once it's dry, gently remove, and you can enjoy your work of art every time you walk into the space. You can stay on-brand and stencil some food or garden-themed artwork, or you can venture out into bolder designs.