Easily Repurpose An Old Basket Into The Cutest Garden Hose Storage Solution

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If you have unsightly garden hoses in your front and back yard, you're not alone. These garden necessities can be a challenge to store, and bulky hose organizers aren't the most visually appealing. If you have a backyard oasis and you want to keep it looking HGTV-worthy, then you need to find ways to up your hose storage game. One great way of doing so comes from TikTok user @averagebutinspired, and all you need is an old basket, a rotary power tool to cut a hole in your basket (or something similar), and some waterproof spray. With minimal effort, you'll have a brand new DIY garden hose storage container that keeps the bulky item out of sight. 

The great thing about this awesome hack is that you can do it without breaking the bank. For example, if you already have an old basket, the only thing you need to purchase is waterproof sealant. If you don't have one, you can pick up a basket for a discounted price at a local thrift store. Garage sales are another budget-friendly option. You'll work to keep items out of landfills while spending a fraction of what a retail store would charge you. If you have a basket with a lid, this helps to keep leaves out during the fall, so consider looking for this style of basket as well. 

Create your garden hose storage

Once you have your basket, cut a hole in its side to snake your hose through. A rotary tool kit works best. Amazon sells them at various price points, and you can get one for under $30. If you don't want to purchase a rotary tool kit, tin snips should also work, depending on how thick your wicker basket is. Use cut-resistant gloves to protect your hands. Next, you'll need to waterproof your wicker basket. This TikTok video uses the spray version of Thompson's WaterSeal Multi-Surface Waterproofer Stain, but a lot of people avoid aerosol cans as they can harm the environment. 

For safer choices, consider looking for sealants that feature low or zero VOCs. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, have a variety of negative health effects — some more dangerous than others. But brands such as AMF SafeCoat offer zero and low VOC options like polyureseal and exterior paints with water-proof properties. This is great if you're looking to change the color of your wicker basket. 

If you have other items besides garden hoses in need of stylish storage, don't be afraid to use these baskets elsewhere in your yard. You can use them to stash outdoor toys, as crafty DIY repurposed rustic planters, and more. You can even repurpose old laundry hampers, keeping your outdoor space neat and tidy.