Hilary Farr Swears By Using These Beautiful Paint Colors To Help Sell A Home

If you're planning to sell your house, you might be looking to make a few simple modifications to boost curb appeal, inside and out. But what helps prospective buyers envision themselves in your home? If you ask HGTV star Hilary Farr, the magic is in the paint. Namely, the colors you choose inside the property. Some of her favorites are earth tones, or colors that are typically found in nature. These shades are extremely versatile, effortlessly vibing with a whole variety of home décor ideas. But Farr also loves neutrals. As the design expert explained to Homes & Gardens, "I tend to use a neutral on the walls if I'm designing an entire house from scratch — because that's how I like to live." 

She continued, "I like to have a very neutral wall, and then I always paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. I think everyone should. That's a really important part of making a room look great." When painting your home like a professional, it's important to understand what constitutes neutrals and earth tones. These paint colors are typically more subdued, mixed with other neutrals to make them less bright. You can even embrace earthy décor by choosing natural materials to connect your paint color with your overall design aesthetic. Farr noted, "Paint is a quick and easy way to create a mood and character, and when it's paired with the perfect fabric, you are truly creating a unique space (which is something I love to do)." 

Hilary Farr's favorite paint colors

One of Hilary Farr's go-to colors is Contemplation 700E-3 by Behr, which is a chic shade of grey. In an interview with HGTV, Farr enthused that, "You'll start to feel the calm envelop you the minute it touches your walls." If you're a fan of this particular shade, complementary colors include brass, charcoal, blue, pink, and green, to name just a few. The "Love It or List It" star also spoke to The Detroit News about strong color choices, and why you should generally avoid them on your walls "unless that's what you like to live with because it is very, very defining and it makes a strong statement." However, she also acknowledged, "Having said that, if you love it and want to try it, do it. It's just paint."

Naturally, Farr is a big fan of neutrals since they help prospective homebuyers to more easily envision themselves living in your house. The great thing about neutrals is that they'll work with your furniture, so you won't have to worry about anything clashing. Neutral paint colors are great for a relaxed home, and you can choose from plenty of beautiful shades. Remember that paint and fabric work in tandem too, as Farr told Homes & Gardens: "Firstly, you can contrast the paint with fabric to create drama and impact [...] The two things speak to each other — as opposed to a strong contrast where they look beautiful together — but are essentially two different elements that have met in the same room."