The Dollar Tree Item That Makes Water Bottle Cabinet Clutter A Thing Of The Past

Water bottles are one of those items that sneak up on you. You think you only own one or two, so you buy a new one when a fun design catches your eye at the store. Then, before you know it, you open your kitchen cabinet door and there is a messy avalanche of them taking up valuable real estate in the cupboard. If you're tired of having to sift through tumbling bottles — and would like a way to clearly see all the options that you own — then there is an easy Dollar Tree storage solution for you: use a $1 wine holder to house them.

Apparently, the key to organizing your water bottles is hidden with your wine, and for good reason. This hack is a practical and cost-effective solution to a common kitchen problem. If your eye twitches every time a water bottle topples over when you reach for something in the cupboard, then this hack is here to nip that problem in the bud. And even though the wine holders are from the dollar store, they still look stylish in your cupboard since they're made from clear acrylic, providing you with a style-conscious solution. Here is how to pull off the hack.

How to use Dollar Tree wine holders to create water bottle storage

Content creators all over TikTok have embraced these stackable wine holders as a makeshift water bottle storage hack. For instance, Sarah from Sensational Finds said the find will "blow your mind." That's because the container is of great quality for the price: Clocking in at $1.25 a piece, you can grab as many bottles as you have, and then stack them into whatever configuration works best for your cupboard or pantry shelf. For instance, if you have 10 bottles you need to organize, you can grab 10 organizers and create two tiers with five compartments each. Alternatively, if you're working with a tighter spot, you can make five tiers with two compartments each.

"When I brought it home, I was super surprised at how well it stacked," Sarah explained. "It's actually a really nice thick acrylic plastic. You can use these to stack in your fridge, but you can also use these to stack inside of your cabinets." Specifically, these are the "Stackable Wine Bottle Holder" from Storage Essentials. She pointed out that you can get nearly identical bottle holders from places like Walmart and Target for $30 for just four compartments, so it's a great deal.

Other ways to use the stackable holders

If you decide to declutter your water bottle collection and no longer need such robust storage for it, you can utilize the stackable holders in a bevy of different ways around the house. If you want to keep them in the kitchen, you can place them on your kitchen counter and use them to house different kitchen utensils, such as spatulas and turners. You can also use them as a handy utensil display during a potluck or buffet party at your house. Simply put knives in one holder, forks in the other, and spoons in the next, keeping them prominently displayed.

You can also take them out of the kitchen and into the bathroom, storing things like hairspray and mousse bottles horizontally. If you have a lot of makeup brushes, you can store like-items in each compartment, making them easier to find and grab. Or if you have a guest bedroom, consider putting hand towels in each slot for an organized way to offer those. Or if you're a crafter, you can move these onto your work station and house everything from yarn or vinyl rolls in each slot.